RSM Program & Discounted Package Enrollment Options

Select the program or bundle that is best for you below and complete the order form to enroll. You will receive login credentials for your program(s) via email immediately following registration. After your initial program investment, your ongoing monthly membership subscription will be just $17/month which gives you continual access to the course content for as long as you like, including additions, edits, and updates to the material and inclusion in the private membership forum for support, Q&A, and contact with Becca.

All-Inclusive Business Owner's Package

  • Best Value

    This package includes EVERYTHING Roof Sales Mastery has to offer at a significant discount, including: 1) The Recruiting Machine, 2) The New Hires Training + unlimited printing license for the training manuals, 3) The Advanced Sales & Supplement Training Program, 4) Xactimate Mastery, 5) The Sales Team Management Program, 6) The Roof Sales Accelerator, 7) the eBook “Diamonds in the Sky,” and 8) the private Facebook forum for ongoing Q&A.


    To complete your All-Inclusive Business Owner’s Package, you will be directed to complete TWO separate order forms, as the Xactimate Mastery course is on its own platform. After completing the first form, you will be redirected to the 2nd form. BOTH MUST BE COMPLETED to successfully enroll in this package.

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All-Inclusive Business Owner's Package
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    Same package, 5-month extended payment plan:

    Months 1-3: $2520. Months 4-5: $1970, then just $17/month.

    [Savings of $2,000]

    Advanced Sales & Supplement Program + Xactimate Mastery Options:

    Advanced Sales & Supplement Program
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      $2500 or $879 x 3 months, then just $17/month after that for continual ongoing access, updates, and additions to materials.

      Xactimate Mastery
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        Save $500 on this course by bundling it with the Advanced Sales & Supplement Program for a bundle price of just $1997 or $697 x 3 months.

        Recruiting Machine + New Hires Training Options:

        • Note:

          Training manuals for the New Hires Program are available exclusively as a digital downloadable PDF to order for print from your local printer using the unlimited printing license as part of your purchase. You will be provided the download link and instructions for your printer via email after enrollment.

        Recruiting Machine
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        $2500 or $879 x 3 months, then just $17/month.

        New Hires Training
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          $2500 or $879 x 3 months, then just $17/month after that. Unlimited printing license for training manuals $250.

          Sales Training Options for Salesmen

          Advanced Sales Training
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          Payment plan: $549 x 3 months, then just $17/month.

          Advanced Sales Training ONLY - option to add Supplement Training later.

          Roof Sales Accelerator for Salesmen
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            Payment plans: $199 x 3 months OR $99 x 6 months, then just $17/month after that.

            Basic survival skills for roof sales beginners: roof sales 101.

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