• Real feedback from real people.

If you're over there giving us the sideways eye and wondering if we're all talk or if the content really is king, we totally get it. Considering the limited storm restoration sales training out there now is pretty lackluster, we understand your skepticism. That's exactly why we ran a 90 day beta group with both our programs so you could have access to real feedback from real humans. Here's a hodge podge of reviews about our training programs, coaching, and REAL results our clients have gotten immediately using our systems.

  • Almost satisfied but not quite?

    We’ll do you one better. If you’d like to speak directly to one of our past or current clients, they are all totally cool and have given us permission to give you their contact info so you can ask them whatever you’d like. Shoot Becca an email at becca@roofsalesmastery.com and request a reference list, and we’ll hook you up.