The All-Inclusive Business Owners Package

  • Supplements, Adjuster Objections, & Xactimate
  • Recruiting & Hiring Salesmen
  • Standardized, Repeatable Training for New Salesmen
  • Advanced & Ongoing Sales Training for Veteran Salesmen
  • Managing & Driving Sales
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    to find details, descriptions, references, tangible/quantifiable results from other contractors using my program, pricing, and more. 99% of what you would discuss with Becca on a phone call can be found on THIS page and with the links, so please take the time to review it thoroughly. This saves us both a lot of time!

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    Streamline, dummy-proof, and truly SCALE your business with a seamless, repeatable, PROVEN, comprehensive system for everything from recruiting and sales training to supplementing and Xactimate training.

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Do you ever think or say, "I know how to do all this stuff....I just need to find the time to get everything out of my head and onto paper!" 🤥

In order to be successful at growing your business, your systems must be REPEATABLE and SCALABLE.

Consider McDonald's.

Business-savvy individuals know to look to other successful business models to learn what works and what doesn't. One of the most successful franchises in the world, McDonald's has 38,000 restaurants worldwide and serve 68 MILLION customers every single day. They're on almost every corner in the US, and you'll never see a McDonald's go out of business.

Why do you think McDonald's is SO successful?

  • It's not because they use the highest quality, organic, sustainably sourced, grass-fed ingredients (it's practically Grade D dog food)
  • It's not because they've got world class famous chefs of the culinary arts working in the kitchen (it's uneducated, stoned teenagers with weird piercings)
  • It's not because they have individuals with Yale marketing degrees working the counter

It's because they implement a REPEATABLE SYSTEM that is PROVEN TO WORK for every moving part of the business.

It's a well-oiled machine. As long as there are people in the system, the machine runs. McDonald's doesn't rely on hiring "the right" people, because they know that they can hire almost ANYONE, give them the "recipe for success," and all that person has to do is follow the system and the McDonald's will run and succeed. And if that person leaves, no problem! They're replaceable with the repeatable, proven system.

The issue that plagues most storm restoration roofing companies is that virtually NONE of their systems are repeatable, formal, or standardized. Most companies were thrown together by a former salesman who had never been formally trained themselves, but saw the roof sales opportunity and by some miracle had survived the learning curve, found a way to succeed at selling, then left their previous company to start their own business, and has been flying by the seat of their pants ever since.

They continue scrambling to try to “find the right people” while wearing a dozen different hats (production manager, sales manager, in-house supplementer, accountant, salesperson, etc.), trying to patch together incomplete, disorganized “training” bits and pieces to the people they bring on, struggling to “find motivated sales people,” and running on coffee, Red Bull, dwindling sleep, and fumes.

Everyone in the organization is expected to figure things out on their own, or “watch and learn.” So far science isn’t allowing us to clone humans, so unless you can duplicate yourself six times over and teach EVERYONE EVERYTHING they need to know, unfortunately this approach is doomed for failure, and even the people who don’t quit or fail right away take MONTHS to catch on – and that learning curve is expensive. 

This is very much a “blind leading the blind” scenario, because even the BEST, most successful salespeople in the business often fail horribly at TEACHING sales. Why? Because DOING sales and TEACHING sales are completely different things.

Think about it like this: let’s assume you’re 35 years old. That means you’ve been speaking English for over 3 DECADES. Words and complete sentences flow naturally out of your mouth with ease. You don’t have to think about it. Talking is second nature to you now. You’re basically a pro at speaking English, right?

Great. What if I stick you in a classroom with 10 Japanese children who have never spoken a lick of English in their life, and I say, “You’ve got 5 days to teach these kids fluent English!”

Could you do it?

No! But why not? You’re an English speaking pro! You’ve been doing it forever! You sometimes even do it in your sleep and freak your wife out!

Because DOING it and TEACHING it are NOT THE SAME THING, are they?

When you reach a point in your sales career where you are pretty darn good at it, you no longer remember what it’s like to be brand new and completely inexperienced. You're sprinting, and you don't even remember what it was like to have to crawl.


You are WAY beyond the basic fundamentals now. You’re Michael Jordan throwing half-court shots. Your newbies are picking their noses in line for middle school tryouts. 

In your mind, you think,

“I get great results, so if they just copy me, they'll succeed too! I sell a million dollars a year! So if I just teach these n00bz EXACTLY what I do and say, they’ll be million dollar producers too!!!!!”

.....and you begin unknowingly, innocently, and silently murdering brand new, potentially great salespeople with your inappropriate "advanced" sales training because they’ve never even held a basketball before. 

Even if (and that’s an ENORMOUS if) you “knew it all,” how can you possibly distribute in an organized, effective fashion everything you know to every single person you add to the team so they can perform their role as sales manager, supplementer, or salesperson? It’s impossible. 

You would have to sit down and dedicate every waking minute of your life for the next year or more writing out EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL of EVERY. SINGLE. PROCESS that EVERYONE has to do for their job (while also running your company, eating, sleeping, and having a life). 

It took me YEARS dedicated solely to RSM to create all of this content, sitting on my computer writing, drafting, editing, and recording for 10-14 hours a day.

Most people 1) do not have the skills nor the knowledge themselves to even entertain this project, and 2) simply do not have the time. 

This is why a repeatable, STANDARDIZED training system is absolutely crucial for the success of your sales team. They need to learn WHAT WORKS, not just what works for you.

The good news is, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I've already done all the heavy lifting for you.

Since 2014, my Roof Sales Mastery programs for recruiting, sales training, supplementing, and Xactimate have been proven over and over and over again by contractors nationwide to streamline their hiring, training, and claims maximization, backed by REAL, tangible, quantifiable results.

Make it easy on yourself and your team.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Stop spinning your tires and wasting time, energy, and burning through GREAT people with ineffective, exhausting trial and error. Run your company like a McDonald's, not a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game.

Give yourself the gift of a SOLID, proven, FORMAL system for everything from recruiting, sales training, and supplementing, and simply follow the roadmap to success. Why choose blind, uphill struggle when you can choose inevitable success with a proven recipe?

Join the thousands of contractors nationwide who are exponentially RAMPING up their roofing businesses following my easy to follow, PROVEN systems.

Do the math. Your first 2-4 supplements alone following my system pays for the WHOLE program, not to mention how much 1 single good salesperson is worth to your revenue. In fact most contractors make an ROI on their investment in less than 30 days (some do it in 24 hours!) Everything from there on out is gravy!

Roof Sales Mastery works! And it will work for you, too. Enroll online now. You've got nothing to lose, and literally THOUSANDS to gain.

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The All-Inclusive Business Owner's Package includes the following SIX systems:

  • Recruiting Machine

    This turn-key recruiting system provides you the tools necessary to replace the ineffective Craigslist ad or money-gobbling Monster listing with a system that generates 20-50 applicants within the first 7-10 days, including the word-for-word hiring ad, the interview script that prevents overselling the job or scaring people off with “commissions” and “door knocking” talk, a recruiting schedule, recommended pay structure, incoming and outgoing phone scripts, and a list of places to advertise so you can stop wasting time and money on Career Builder ads and turn the trickle of 1-2 applicants per month into a tidal wave of potential recruits, and then funnel them into The New Hires Training in a batch.

  • New Hires Training Program

    This turn-key repeatable training system will allow you to train your brand new recruits into functioning salesmen in just 5 days in a classroom setting. Eliminate time-wasting, in efficient ridealong training, reduce your turnover and increase your salesmen’s success rate with this FORMAL, repeatable, standardized training system. This system includes 1) The training scripts for Days 1-5, 2) an 88 page sales training manual for each trainee to study, practice, memorize, and role play out of, and 3) a trainer’s guide to ensure you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. It’s so easy a monkey can do it.

  • Roof Sales Accelerator

    The Accelerator is a follow-up “self study” component for new salesmen after graduating the  New Hires seminar. It provides succinct online review of the “survival skills” they just learned in live training so they can REVIEW the most crucial parts of the sales and door knocking processes to ensure they have a strong start after launching. The Accelerator provides “Roof Sales 101” at the click of a button. This is also a great tool when circumstances don’t allow for someone to start the New Hires program right away due to management’s time restraints. Consider this a “fast food” version of newbie training in a pinch.

  • Sales Team Management Program

    You’ve hired people and trained them….now the hard part starts, which is keeping them around, keeping them motivated, holding them accountable. If all you’ve ever done is say “knock more doors” and dangle money in front of your salesmen to get them to work, you’re missing the boat. This program is a TOOLKIT for the Sales Manager, and offers TANGIBLE tools and strategies to manage your team, including sophisticated compensation structures, bonuses, contests and incentives, 17 pre-written sales meetings, how to break down each individual salesperson’s income goal to the number of doors they need to knock each week, how to motivate your team and hold them accountable without feeling like a slave driver, and more.

  • The Advanced Sales & Supplement Program

    Increase your average supplement to $2500-4500 with this flagship course. The Advanced Sales & Supplement Program takes a deep dive into advanced sales AND supplementing content. It offers a MASSIVE library with literally hundreds of videos, word for word scripts, lessons, tutorials, and examples for: Lead Generation, Door Knocking, Referrals, Closing, Objection Handling, Supplementing, my Master List of 100+ Supplemental Items, Adjuster Negotiations & Rebuttal Scripts, Homeowner Letters for Overhead and Profit, and MUCH more. This is my #1 selling course and the return on investment is nearly instantaneous.

  • Xactimate Mastery

    This online course is made up of 25 hours of video tutorials teaching you how to master Xactimate software specifically for use as a supplementing storm restoration contractor. You’ll learn everything from the most basic “Xactimate for Dummies” 101s up to using the sketch tool, 100+ time-saving PREBUILT macro templates, how to import photos, Eagleviews, and other documentation directly into your estimates to avoid sending dozens of annoying individual email attachments to adjusters, where to find DEFINITIVE language and definitions in Xactware to overcome adjusters’ objections, how to build an O&P coversheet opening statement, advanced estimating for commercial, interior, and mitigation, and more.

  • eBook, "Diamonds in the Sky"

    Whether you’re a newbie or a salty vet, this 65 page quick read is packed with gold nuggets on all the necessary fundamental sales skills. I recommend making this eBook required reading for any new people you hire before they come into training, as it achieves two important things: 1) Helps them understand their value and role in the claim process, and 2) Gets them excited about the income opportunity through a third party story. New recruits will show up to training confident and eager to get started after reading this book.

  • Private Members Only Facebook Forum

    As much as I would love to be able to answer your questions personally through phone, email, or text, I am only one human being! The forum is where you have access to myself and the hundreds of other members of my programs nationwide any time you need help, have a question, get stumped, need advice, or are just curious about how others do things. We discuss everything from supplements, to hiring, to assignment of benefits, to appraisal, softwares and technologies, and more in the forum.

  • 60 Days LIVE Group Xactimate Coaching Calls

    with certified Xactimate trainer Alena Wilson – a $600 value

  • 5 User Logins

    Package includes 5 user logins (a $1250 value)

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Below are more in-depth descriptions of each of the included programs in this package.

The Advanced Sales & Supplement Training Program

This online course is a MASSIVE library consisting of literally hundreds of organized videos, word for word scripts, lessons, examples, tutorials, documentation, downloads, PDFs, and more where you have access 24/7/365 to search for strategies and techniques for everything from knocking doors to supplementing. Go at your own pace and refer back to lessons repeatedly. In addition to the course itself, you will be included in the private Facebook forum for members only where you have access to Becca for Q&A as well as hundreds of other contractors nationwide who are enrolled in Roof Sales Mastery programs. Whenever you have a question about ANYTHING (like assignment of benefits, or what to do with Liberty Mutual doesn't want to pay for removal on steep, or what a specific type of mystery roof component is), you have at your fingertips a massive network of experienced individuals who can give you feedback, answers, help, and advice at any time. To make it even more of a no-brainer, this program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course includes all the following sections:

  • Lead Generation

    We cover the following:

  • Dozens of Word-for-Word Door Knocking Pitches

    for different situations. For example, you won’t say the same thing at the door today if the storm happened yesterday compared to if it happened 9 months ago. You shouldn’t say the same thing at the door today if you’re the 10th person to knock there compared to if you’re the 1st person. The more dialed in your door knocking approaches are, the better your results will be and the fewer doors you’ll have to knock.

  • 4 Word-for-Word Referral Approaches

    to get referrals on the spot without paying hundreds of dollars for them, OR leaving behind business cards and hoping people will remember you and recommend you later. Use my approaches to get names and numbers on the spot and drastically reduce (or eliminate) your door knocking.

  • 14 Ways to Generate Leads Without Knocking Doors

    How to get into leads with multi-property potential, like landlords, property managers, real estate agents, insurance agents, etc. What would it be like to get a property manager who puts you on 25 properties today?

  • Handling Specific Objections at the Door

    I teach you exactly what to say when someone says, “I already have a roofer,” “My husband already looked at it,” “I think I’m just going to call my insurance agent,” “Can you just leave me your card?”

  • How & WHERE to Get Reviews & Testimonials

    What websites are best for essentially free SEO and Google power when it comes to choosing where you have your customers leave reviews.

  • Do's & Don'ts for Appointment Setting

    Are you making mistakes without even knowing it? Most salesmen are. We cover the biggest mistakes, do’s, and don’ts when it comes to setting up inspections so you can get better results with less time and energy.

  • Closing

    We cover the following:

  • My Word-for-Word Sales Presentation & Close

    Believe it or not, you should be closing 70-90% consistently using this sales presentation. The only thing standing between you and a 100% closing ratio in insurance contingencies is what you are SAYING. Learn my word for word, laid back and conversational closing script that eliminates virtually every potential objection before it comes up, and leaves customers basically reaching for the pen and saying, “So what do we do to get started?”

  • Handling Objections

    I teach you WHY certain objections come up as well as how to handle them word for word when they do. Things like, “Can’t you just leave me a bid?” “I’d like to talk to my agent first.” “Let me talk it over with my husband,” can all be prevented and/or overcome with the right explanation. I teach you exactly what to do and say during the close when it comes to objection-handling to increase your closing ratio.

  • Dealing with "The Bid Collector"

    If you are running into homeowners that are dead set on collecting bids, I’ve got the perfect script to help you re-educate and close them. Eliminating the bid request is as simple as explaining depreciation in a simple and no-brainer way. This fool-proof close will get you out of the bidding war games and get the contingency signed on the spot.

  • Dealing with Deductibles

    You should never have to “eat” a deductible, even if you’re in the shark tank of DFW! Members following my lessons on how to handle the deductible-eating request have great success overcoming it. I show you the best way to explain how it works to the customer so you aren’t feeling forced to give away your profits (or commit insurance fraud).

  • Closing Homeowners Who Already Have Insurance Paperwork

    When you run into a customer who already has paperwork and a check in hand, they often don’t want to “show you their cards,” somehow believing that if you know what they’re getting paid on their claim, you will take advantage of them. This usually gets you stuck in a bidding situation. My bulletproof close is a simple way to help customers understand how insurance companies pay, and eliminates you needing to write a bid. You will leave with a signed contingency in hand even with some of the toughest customers using this strategy.

  • Upgrades & Upsells

    Take advantage of every possible opportunity to increase your claim by offering upgrades and upsells to the customers’ already incredible insurance “coupon.” I teach you how to add voluntary and retail upgrades to their claims via my “Wish List” technique.



    …..and LOTS more.

  • Supplements, Adjuster Negotiations, & Overhead and Profit

    We cover the following plus a WHOLE lot more:

  • My Master List of Supplemental Items

    This list (which continues to grow every month) includes well over 100+ creative and outside the box supplemental items for your typical roof, siding, gutter, and interior claim. This is not your basic “ridge/starter, flashings, steep charge, ice and water shield” BS. These are items that most contractors have never even THOUGHT to include simply because they never knew they EXISTED. Things like a generator, scissor lift, custom bent metal, harnesses, cornice returns, OSHA project manager supervision hours, and LOADS more. Get larger supplements with fewer adjuster objections using this list.

  • What to Say

    Now that you know WHAT to ask for, you must know HOW to ask for it. I teach you my word for word email supplement approach script which is a short opening statement/paragraph that you will use every single time you send a supplement in. It introduces the request in a way that makes it sound like the insurance carrier asked you to send it, getting one foot in the door before they even read the request. Remember, supplementing is really a CLOSING process with the adjuster. How you ask for it is often more important than what you ask for.

  • Handling Adjusters' Objections

    Adjusters are always going to give you objections like, “That’s included in the waste,” “That’s included in the price per square,” “That’s a cost of doing business,” “It’s our policy not to pay for xyz,” because it is their JOB! We teach you exactly what to say when an adjuster gives you an objection. “If this, then that.” If an adjuster says X, you say Z/include this photo/use this documentation/have your customer send in this letter/etc.” until you get what you want, or get most of your supplement approved and move on to the next one.

  • Overhead & Profit

    STOP playing the catch 22 “number of trades vs. complexity” game and use a strategy that works. O&P in a policy simply states that “O&P is warranted when it is reasonably likely that the insured might hire a general contractor to coordinate repairs.” That’s it. We give you 2 word for word “letters from the homeowner” that your customer will send in to get better results on O&P as it is owed to them in their policy.

  • Playing the "Insurance Commissioner Card"

    Tired of getting stonewalled by the big bad insurance companies like Allstate and State Farm? Sometimes it feels like David vs. Goliath, and we have discovered some very effective techniques to deal with the seemingly impossible rejection and stonewalling games they play, including a technique called “Playing the Insurance Commissioner Card.” A simple email with a few key phrases often results in getting your full estimate paid to the penny within 24 hours.

  • Increase Your Claims by $2,500 on Average

    Ultimately by following the Roof Sales Mastery supplement strategies, you will increase your average claim size by $2,500 or more (we have some individuals whose average supplements following my system are between $5,300-7,100. No joke). Remember that even if you think you know it all (wink), if you learn just ONE new thing that even adds a measly $300 to every single job this year and you do 100 jobs, that’s an additional $30,000 in pure profit. Don’t take my word for it – you can easily check reviews from other contractors all over the country who are sharing their tangible and quantifiable results using this system. You will make more money. The end.

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Reviews & results from other contractors:

Xactimate Mastery

The Xactimate Mastery course will show you how to use the software when it comes to supplementing and estimating, teaching you everything you need to know and nothing you don't specifically as a storm restoration contractor. You'll learn advanced macros which will cut estimating time in half - including 90+ pre-written, ready to use macro templates for all sorts of projects, using the sketching tool, estimating commercial, interior, and mitigation, importing photos and Eagleviews directly into your estimates, how to build an O&P cover sheet inside Xactimate, where to find and use key phrases, language, and definitions to overcome adjusters' objections on specific line items, and all our favorite "hacks" that make your paperwork look just like adjusters'. 

You don't have to worry about self-teaching yourself through the complex and intricate software, and you don't have to rely on paying $25 per phone call to Xactware for trouble shooting (which is ends up eating up a ton of time). Bonus, you have access to the content 24/7 forever so you can go back to things over and over when necessary and not have to rely on memory or notes like you would have to in a live class. There is also a support forum on Facebook in a private group so you have access to Alena Wilson for personal help, who created this course for contractors as 1 of just 19 certified Xactimate trainers in the country. The course includes the following, plus a whole lot more:

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  • Master the Basics

    First and foremost, quickly master the absolute basic fundamentals of using Xactimate to write professional estimates and supplements by following the simple to follow, step by step online tutorials to master “Xactimate for Dummies.” If you’re not tech savvy, you’re brand new to Xactimate, or the software is slowing you down, these lessons will help you quickly graduate the most basic and necessary skills for writing basic estimates.

  • Learn the Sketch Tool

    Learn how to use the Xactimate sketch tool to draw up diagrams for roofs, siding, and interior.

  • Overcome Adjuster Objections

    Adjusters are always banking on your ignorance when it comes to Xactimate and line items, and your biggest handicap will always be that you don’t know what you don’t know. For example, you might ask for harnesses, and the adjuster might say, “Oh, well we already paid steep charges on this and that’s included.”   …..  What are YOU going to say? Most people have no idea. In this course we teach you where to find specific language and definitions in Xactware to help you easily overcome adjusters’ objections when they bank on you simply not knowing.

  • Save TIME!

    Literally cut your estimating time in HALF using macro templates. Instead of building each estimate or supplement one line item at a time which takes 30-40 minutes for the average project, we provide 90 pre-written ready to use macros templates which are 1-click bulk-add features for specific projects. One click and BAM – complete estimate, done. Just edit measurements.

  • Utilize Advanced Components

    We teach you how to use the more “expert” level components of the software such as how to import photos and Eagleviews directly into your estimates instead of dealing with dozens of individual email attachments, how to use the sketch tool, how to build an O&P coversheet and opening statement within your estimate, how to make “notes” under your line items for things like codes, and more.

  • Bonus Content and Q&A

    Enjoy additional bonus content and resources such as bonus tips on estimating commercial, mitigation, and interior jobs. Q&A and help is at your fingertips from Alena Wilson, who created the course as 1 of only 19 certified Xactimate trainers in the nation. Utilize the private, members only Facebook forum, so when you’re stuck, you can quickly post a question to get help from the creator herself and/or the other members who are utilizing the training.

Video walk-through of Xactimate Mastery and its content:

The New Hires Training System

Eliminate ineffective and time-consuming ridealong training and increase your retention rate with this turnkey, repeatable training system for green newbies. The New Hires Training system will have your new recruits launched as fully prepared and competent salespeople within 3-5 days with all the basic and crucial fundamentals mastered so they can hit the ground running and not burn through leads, eat up a ton of your time, or worse: quit prematurely. This system is ready for you to deliver in a matter of days (no memorization required – just review it and deliver it) so you can train a group of new hires in a batch in a few days instead of being forced to take 1 person by the hand for a few weeks and hope and pray that they figure it out afterward.

  • Make Training a "Piece of Cake"

    Selling roofs is NOT hard. Truly, anybody can do it. It’s simple! But it’s as simple as baking a cake. Most people know that flour, sugar, oil, and eggs go into a cake, but if that’s all the information they have and you ask them to bake a cake from scratch on the spot, EVERYONE would fail, and they would fail over and over and over again, wasting ingredients and eventually quitting. But this isn’t because baking a cake is HARD – they just need a RECIPE. If they had a legitimate recipe from the get go, anyone can make you a cake right the first time, and they can make it right over and over again from that point forward.

    Roof sales can be exactly the same. The salesman turnover rate in this industry is about 90%. It’s horrible! This abysmal retention rate is due to the ineffective and lack of TRAINING. If people are quickly and effectively trained, they will succeed in this business and stick around. If not, they will give up and go somewhere else. Implementing a time-efficient, effective, and REPEATABLE training system in your company will allow you to eliminate the ridealong training (which doesn’t work and is a waste of time), ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page so your customers are getting a consistent experience, and drastically improve your salesman retention rate so you can develop and KEEP a productive sales team.

  • 3-Part, Turn-Key Training System

    There are 3 moving parts to this system:

    1. The Training Script. This is the curriculum itself that YOU as the trainer will be delivering to your class of newbies, just like a teacher would deliver a lecture. This course is not something where you stick your trainees in front of a computer and hit play on a bunch of videos. This is a structured interactive training system that YOU will deliver. The script is divided into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Followup Training 1 and 2. Your recruits will be fully trained and launched in 3-5 days, and I guarantee you they will be more prepared than if you had taken them by the hand for 4 weeks and had them “watch and listen” to you. Days 1-3 take roughly 4-4.5 hours to complete, and Followups 1-2 take roughly 90 minutes.
    2. Training Manuals. Everybody in your training class will need their own training manual to follow along in. Be sure to print enough to satisfy your personal recruiting goals. This is their storm restoration sales training Bible. They will study, practice, memorize, and role-play out of the manual. They will learn their word-for-word door knocking approach, how to handle the 3 most common objections at the door, the word-for-word sales presentation and close, how to read and understand insurance paperwork, terms and definitions (ACV, RCV, depreciation, deductible), what is and isn’t hail and wind damage, do’s and dont’s on adjuster meetings, how to do a proper inspection, basic roof/siding/gutter components, time management, appointment setting do’s and don’ts, etc. Essentially they will learn everything they need and nothing they don’t to be fully functioning on their own in 3-5 days as a salesperson. [You will receive a printing license for the Training Manuals to print them yourselves at your local printer).
    3.  Trainer’s Guide. The final piece of the puzzle is the trainer’s guide. This is a manual to train you as the trainer. This is crucial, because DOING sales successfully and TEACHING sales successfully are two completely different things. You could be the best salesperson in the state, and the worst sales trainer. This occurs commonly because as an experienced salesperson, you are so far beyond the basic fundamentals that it is impossible for you to teach them. This guide will help you deliver the best possible training to your new hires, not put the cart before the horse, avoid information-dumping and overloading, and ensure you know exactly what you’re doing as their trainer.
  • Stop Trying to "Find the Right People"

    In the past, you may have tried focusing on trying to find the “right people” when it came to hiring salesmen. This was only because, without a legitimate training system, it took a very special type of talented person with stick-to-it-ive-ness to be able to survive the ugly and frustrating learning curve that ridealong training created.

    Think about successful franchises like McDonalds. McDonalds has millions of locations across the world and does billions of dollars in business every year. But do you think this success is because they have highly qualified people with PhDs and masters of the cullinary arts working there?  No!  They have punk 17 year old kids with purple hair and nose rings working there, and the McDonalds flourishes. Why? Because with a proven and repeatable SYSTEM, it is no longer so important WHO you hire, because anyone can do it if they just follow the system in place.

    With a repeatable and proven training system like the New Hires Training Program, you will no longer have to find people who are ABLE to do the job, you just have to find people who are WILLING, because with the training they receive, literally anyone can do the job if they just follow “the recipe.”

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Video walk-through of the New Hires Training and its contents:

The Recruiting Machine

The Recruiting Machine is a repeatable recruiting system that gives you all the tools and scripts to attract, interview, and hire salesmen rapidly and in higher volumes. Stop wasting money on CareerBuilder and Monster and stop attracting goons on CraigsList, and implement a system that works. Get 20-50 applications THIS week with this program.

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  • Word for Word Recruiting Ad

    I have already done the heavy lifting and testing for you so you do not have to deal with the trial and error of trying to construct an ad that attracts. My word for word ad produces an average of 20-50 applicants in the first 7-10 days, meaning the slow and sad “1-2 people here and there” trickling in off the shady CraigsList ad is a thing of the past for you and your organization. The ad works because it positions the sales job in a way that doesn’t make it SOUND like a “scary, commission-only, door-to-door sales job,” which is why most people get such a poor response to their ad. My ad speaks to the average person who is an EMPLOYEE somewhere, and a type of person who would not even click an ad that said “now hiring sales reps.” This way you get quality AND quantity people in to hear about the position and go from there.

  • Word for Word Interview Script

    Most of you are making a HUGE mistake during the interview process by accidentally and unknowingly overselling the position. They think that as long as they can get people in with a good ad, all they have to do then is just show everyone how much money they can make and EVERYONE will want to do the job. Right?! …..Wrong. While you’re telling the truth, when you tell people they can make six figures in six months, they think, “Yeah right. That’s too good to be true.” This results in people not showing up to training. Remember, recruiting is not just getting people in the door; it’s about getting them to show up to TRAINING!

    Once again, I have scripted the interview script for you so that you get the best possible retention from the interview to training. The way we talk about the income opportunity allows the interviewees to connect the dots on their own as you speak, meaning they get excited about it without you TELLING them to. The script also allows you to present things that normally scare people off like commissions and door knocking in a way that doesn’t intimidate them; it just makes sense.

  • Group Interviews

    In the past, you probably did individual interviews 1-on-1 with your candidates, which took roughly 45-60 minutes per person. While that may have worked for you in the past due to the small number of applicants trickling in, that won’t work for a system like this which will produce much larger volume. If 40 people apply and you like and schedule 30 of those individuals, the old way would mean 30 hours of interviewing that week (yikes). Plus, if you’ve been recruiting for very long, you know that half the time people don’t even show up! So if 15 people didn’t show up and you had scheduled 30 hours for interviewing, you waste 15 hours – not exciting.

    SO, you will not do individual interviews anymore. I show you how to deliver group interviews (which are not weird or awkward at all, I promise) so you can be time efficient and interview more people. If you schedule 30 people, you might do 3 groups of 10. Then, if only have the people show up, you’re still interviewing 15 people in 3 hours. Let’s say out of that group of 15, you hire 12, 8 show up for training (which you then funnel into the New Hires training to be trained all at once in a batch), and you end up keeping and launching 4 from that group. This is how you effectively interview, train, and launch quality people quickly and efficiently. Much less risk on your part and much less time involved.

  • Also included...

    The Recruiting Machine also includes the following components:

    • A list of places to post your recruiting ad
    • Incoming and outgoing phone scripts for setting up interviews
    • A suggested compensation structure to advertise and implement for new hires
    • A recruiting schedule to follow
  • How long would it take to implement this system?

    You could be fully prepared to implement both the Recruiting Machine and New Hires Training Program in a matter of days. It is so simple a monkey can do it. Just follow the directions. No memorization needed; just follow the scripts and systems.

The Sales Team Management Program

You've hired've trained them....NOW the hard part starts, which is keeping them around, holding them accountable, keeping them motivated. A very crucial component of having a sales team is often overlooked by managers, which is this: it isn't hire, train, let them loose. It's hire, train, manage, manage, manage, manage. Just like a sports team: you don't have tryouts and then say, "Okay, see you guys at the games!" You practice in between, over and over. Most sales managers don't know much more than to say, "Knock more doors, don't you want to make more money?" as they try to drive sales, ultimately annoying everyone and coming off like a slave-driver. The Sales Team Management Program gives your sales manager legitimate and tangible tools to manage your sales team so you can continue to create sales consistently, create a productive team culture, and avoid slack-off.

  • Legitimate, Tangible Management Tools

    This program includes how to have word-for-word conversations with each salesman on the team to motivate them and hold them accountable, such as exactly how to break down each person’s personal income goal for the year all the way down to the exact number of doors they commit to knocking each week, so your sales manager has specific activities to hold them accountable to every single week.

  • 17 Pre-Written Sales Meetings

    Not only do we show you exactly how to build and deliver an effective sales meeting that your salesmen will actually get value from (and not pretend to have adjuster meetings to get out of), we give you 17 prewritten sales meetings that are ready to go. If you’re short on time or want some great examples, these templates will give you everything you need to deliver valuable sales meetings that stimulate action and sales every single week.

  • Sophisticated Compensation Structures

    I often get asked what the best way to pay salesmen is. In this course I show you several sophisticated compensation/commission structures and base pay formats that I have found to be effective in driving consistent sales monthly and constantly providing a reason to produce so that salesmen don’t get “fat and happy.”

  • Incentives

    We give you several ideas for incentives, bonuses, and contests throughout the year to help keep sales coming in consistently, even during slower times of the year like winter or when there are only older storm damages to work so you can keep your team pumping no matter the circumstances.

  • Tools & Trackers

    I also provide several simple tools and trackers so your sales manager can track and assess activities and results for each of your salesmen. This way you can monitor who’s doing what, what each person’s commitments are compared to their actual activities, and assess their results every week to keep them on track.

  • Motivate Your Team

    without feeling like a slave-driver. This program is ultimately a sales manager’s tool kit so you can do your job with actual direction and effective strategies, and not just be another a-hole who cracks the whip and says, “Knock more doors!” every single day.

The Roof Sales Accelerator

Your newbies have just graduated The New Hires Training and have stepped out of your office and onto the "battle field." They've been well-trained, but they're wet behind the ears and still need solid follow up and review, however they are not ready for heavy-hitting Advanced Sales Training yet because they're still learning to master the basic fundamentals. The Accelerator Course is like an online portal that highlights the most crucial parts of the basics sales skills they JUST learned in the LIVE New Hires Training. This allows them to go back and listen to the sales pitch, the door knocking approaches, and review objection-handling techniques to strengthen their new skills (and not call you every 23 minutes with questions).

  • Succinct Follow Up Training Review

    This gives your newbies access to JUST the lesson review they need as New Hires graduates as to not overwhelm them, including video to hear the sales presentation, review door knocking pitches, hear objection-handling lines, and review discussing depreciation.

  • A Review Resource

    Live training is terrific and very effective, but your newbies aren’t going to remember everything. Providing the Accelerator online gives them a resource to return to the main parts of the content they just learned to continue to memorize the material and strengthen their newly acquired sales skills.

  • Saves YOU Time

    Without a training, resource to return to, your new guys have to resort to either 1) floundering around wasting time and burning leads if they aren’t getting something right, or 2) call you 4 times a day to ask, “What was I supposed to say when the customer says X?” The Accelerator saves YOU time as the business owner or manager by dramatically reducing interruptions from new guys with a baker’s dozen questions. They can just log in and review the critical material themselves, straight from the source (me!)

  • A Reinforcing Medium

    The online “cliff notes” that the Accelerator provides following the live New Hires Training delivers highlights of the same information they just learned, but offers them a new medium to learn and reinforce it with. Through video and text, they can strengthen their understanding of the material they were just taught in a classroom setting.

Package Pricing & Enrollment Options

  • All-Inclusive Business Owners Package

    The all-inclusive business owner’s package includes EVERYTHING listed above (and below) in a significantly discounted bundle package:

  • The Recruiting Machine

  • The New Hires Training System + 5 training manuals

  • The Advanced Sales & Supplement Training Program

  • The Xactimate Mastery Course

  • The Sales Team Management Program

  • Sales Accelerator ("Roof Sales Survival Kit")

  • eBook "Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales"

  • Private Membership Forum for Q&A

  • 60 Days LIVE Group Xactimate Coaching

  • 5 User Logins

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