Poor retention of candidates after the interview?

  • Feel like there are no good, motivated salespeople anymore?

If you’re like most contractors, you’re probably struggling to “find motivated salespeople” or find the “right salespeople for this job,” banging your head against the wall as you watch people come and go from your organization with a turnover rate that keeps you up at night. Maybe you’re still pushing the old CraigsList ad, or maybe you’re advertising on another recruiting website and are getting a bite here and there every couple of weeks, but people bail when you say the words “door to door,” “sales,” or “commission,” leaving you scratching your head and wondering if there are any “good, motivated salespeople” who are willing to work out there anymore.

Do you feel like you’re taking crazy pills when someone working a miserable 9 to 5 corporate desk job they hate that offers only 7 days of paid vacation and a $36,000 a year salary declines to sign up for the amazing opportunity that storm restoration roof sales offers with its six-figures in six-months income potential, incredible flexibility and personal and financial freedom? Are you flabbergasted and confused at how ANYONE in their right mind would turn down leaving a dead end job that makes them feel dead inside every time they clock in Monday through Friday for an incredible opportunity like roof sales? If this is you, I’ve got some important information for you.

If you’re experiencing a poor retention from the interview to training, meaning people either decline your job offer because it’s “not for them” or they politely accept your job offer but then never show up to training and seemingly fall off the face of the earth, you’re making one of the biggest mistakes roofing company owners make during the recruiting and interviewing process. It has far less to do with finding “the right people” and everything to do with YOU. Let’s talk about it.

One of the biggest and most detrimental mistakes roofing contractors are making hiring and interviewing people for the roof sales position is over-selling the opportunity.  Most contractors mistakenly believe that if they can just get people in the door to hear about the wild opportunity that roof sales provides by telling them how much money they can make, showing them a $21,000 commission check for one month of work, pointing to the Ford F-250 in the parking lot that you paid for in cash after just 3 months of selling roofs because you were rolling in the dough and telling them how easy it is, that EVERYONE will want to do it! Why would anyone decline an opportunity like that?!

….and it doesn’t work.

It almost. Never. Works.


Because people think it’s too good to be true. Or they believe that YOU did all of those things and made all that money, but decide it’s because you’re a freak of nature and there’s no way THEY could do it because they’re “just not a salesperson.” The way you are interviewing these candidates is scaring them off. You’re over-selling the position and intimidating the individuals you interview, and they’re bailing. They aren’t taking the job. They’re not showing up to training. And this is happening over and over and over, because the interview process is being BUTCHERED by most contractors. It’s all wrong!

What you say (and don’t say!) during the interview, HOW you talk about aspects of the position that the average person finds intimidating (such as door to door canvassing or the idea of commissions), all of these things must be presented, positioned, and explained in a way that makes your interviewees feel confident that they are capable of doing it.

We don’t want to be describing this insane, too good to be true “opportunity,” because most people don’t want a unique and crazy opportunity: they want a job. "Jobs" are secure. "Opportunities" are scary. People think “opportunities” equal pyramid schemes, multilevel marketing, and peddling weird vitamins and supplements, so it is absolutely necessary that your interview presentation is effectively selling people on the position, not scaring them off or leaving them thinking you’re exaggerating.

Huge national and international direct sales companies like Cutco Cutlery or Kirby Vacuum are successfully recruiting and launching 20,000+ salespeople every single year! And guess what – that’s legitimate cold-call RETAIL sales, meaning it’s leaps and bounds more difficult than selling the virtually free product that is insurance restoration jobs.

So if you’re struggling to get 5 or 10 sales people to stick, your recruiting process needs help.

Here’s the good news: I’ve already written the perfect interview script.

It’s in the right order, it’s worded to explain canvassing, commissions, and lead generation in a way that doesn’t scare people off, it doesn’t over-sell or under-sell the position, and it makes the average person feel confident that they can do something like this.

It works. Candidates will be anxious to receive a job offer when you get done presenting the roof sales job using this script, so you can quickly build a sales team instead of continuing to watch the revolving door of turnover every month for the rest of your life.

If you’re tired of poor retention and want to finally have an effective method to get people to buy into your opportunity, click here and let’s talk.

The Roof Sales Mastery Recruiting Machine will provide you with

  • the word for word ad (which produces an average of 20-50 applications within the first 7 days)
  • the interview script that sells people on the job
  • a list of places to post your recruiting ad
  • the recruiting schedule
  • a recommended compensation structure
  • the incoming/outgoing phone scripts for the receptionist,
  • and much more so you can quickly attract candidates and create a much better show to training.

Email me at becca@roofsalesmastery.com to pick a time to personally discuss your recruiting goals with me, and we’ll find a solution that will work for you.

Happy recruiting, folks. May this be your best year yet.

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