New Hires Onboarding Sales Training Program

My proven, repeatable, truly TURNKEY, 6-day, classroom style FORMAL SALES TRAINING system that eliminates time consuming ride-along training, increases retention, and makes selling roofs a piece of cake.

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Storm restoration contractors all over the country come to me with the same complaint every single week: “I can’t seem to find and keep good salespeople,” they say.

“If I could just get 5 good producers, I’d be happy! But my roofing company feels like a revolving door. I just don’t get it! When I was beating the streets, I’d sell a million a year, easy. Where can I find hardworking, motivated roof salesmen?” 

I always say the same thing, starting with an honest yes or no question that I also want you to answer:

Do you think selling roofs is really that HARD?



It’s not exactly rocket science, folks. (Have you seen some of the people who make six figures selling roofs? They’re not exactly Harvard graduates!)

Considering there are people that go door to door selling $2,000 vacuum cleaners to people who already own vacuum cleaners, storm restoration roofing sales is about THE EASIEST type of direct sales there is.

We sell a virtually FREE product to customers who legitimately already need it because hail has damaged theirs. 

Most direct salespeople have the incredible uphill challenge of needing to create need and overcome price objections. Our customers come with built-in need and their insurance company foots the bill. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

Roof sales is SIMPLE...

....but it’s simple in the same way that baking a cake is simple

It’s not rocket science to bake a cake, but I don’t care HOW smart and capable you are: if I hire you for my bakery, stick you in the kitchen and say, “Alright bud, you know what goes in a cake, right? Eggs, flour, butter, cocoa and stuff – there’s my pantry over there, and here’s the oven – start baking!” What do you expect to happen?

What in tarnation do you think is going to happen? At best, it’ll be an inedible science experiment gone wrong. At worst, you’ll quickly have very frustrated employees who are burning through ingredients (i.e. MONEY), getting very frustrated, and quickly deciding baking must not be for them, ultimately quitting and moving on to a new job.

...but it's not because baking a cake is hard.

They just need a RECIPE.

Unfortunately, most roofing contractors are hiring salesmen, essentially handing them eggs and flour, and not connecting the rest of the dots with a formal recipe. Then they’re tossing their n00bz into the deep end without floaties, and it’s sink or swim. …..In most cases, sink.

This is a real shame, because the roof sales opportunity in storm restoration CAN be such an incredibly lucrative opportunity, and I truly believe ANYBODY can do it if they are properly trained.

So why haven’t contractors been properly training their recruits, dooming them for failure, and ultimately banging their heads against the wall in frustration wondering why they can’t “find and keep salesmen?” 

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There are 5 Big Training Mistakes Contractors are making:

  • Relying on the “Numbers Game” Mentality

    Most contractors learned roof sales personally through the school of hard knocks. They were tossed to the wolves, and survived against all odds, and now they believe if you’re “cut out for it, you will too.”

    This puts the new recruit survival rate in the single digits, and makes recruiting an impossibly frustrating uphill battle for business owners.

    Big issue: it’s not SCALABLE

  • No formal or repeatable training system (“recipe”)

    Most contractors have no formal training system, period. They bring people on, instruct them to watch random YouTube tidbits, and maybe give them a binder with a hodgepodge of pages from various sales tip excerpts from random sources, and a printed out word doc with their own personal and mediocre door pitch littered with grammatical errors. Then they hand them a stack of contracts and say, “It’s a numbers game! Just knock 100 doors a day and you’ll get some…eventually.”

    It’s like telling someone, “Hey, welcome to my bakery! Your job is to bake a bunch of cakes, and we’re going to sell them to make money. Your income depends on it!” and then pointing to the pantry and fridge and saying, “There’s eggs, flour, cocoa and stuff in there. Here’s the oven! Get started!” and never giving them a formal step-by-step recipe.

    At best, it’s a science experiment that’s doomed for failure. At worst, it turns your organization into a revolving door of failed salespeople.

  • Ridealong "Training"

    Ridealong training is salesman suicide. This ineffective, time-wasting method can hardly be called “training.” While job-shadowing can be a terrific supplement to someone who has already been formally trained, it simply cannot replace formal classroom style sales training.

    It is virtually impossible for someone to connect the MYRIAD of dots that the roof sales gig involves by following someone around and listening to them.

    It’s extremely time-inefficient. You can only take 1 person by the hand at a time doing this, so if you invest 2-4 weeks into someone doing ridealong training and then they quit, you’ve just WASTED a month of your time and have to do it all over again with the next person. It doesn’t work.

    It is scientifically proven that people forget at least 70% of what they hear after just 1 day, and at least 75% after six days. This does not bode well for your “training” efforts. They need something better that involves reading, writing, role playing, and comprehension.

  • Focusing on technical training instead of SALES training

    Because most contractors do not have a formal sales training system, they try to make up for it by offering “technical” training. This means teaching their brand new recruits about shingles, roofing components and accessories, how to measure a roof, the installation process, and how to order materials. Unfortunately, if someone cannot knock doors, get inspections, and SIGN A DEAL, they don’t HAVE anything to measure or estimate! Get the picture???

    Your #1 prerogative MUST be formal SALES training, including effective lead generation, canvassing, closing, and objection-handling scripts. Without this foundation, technical training is pointless.

  • Blind Leading the Blind

    Last, most contractors in the industry have never been formally trained themselves, you included if I had to guess. 🙂 This means that while YOU may have figured out your own flavor that works for you, it is not likely that your method is teachable to brand new recruits. It is very much a blind leading the blind scenario, and that can only be fixed by replacing “your way” with a FORMAL sales training process.

Learn from McDonald's

Consider for a moment one of the most successful franchises in the world: McDonald's.

McDonald's has 38,000 restaurants worldwide and serve 68 MILLION customers every single day. They're on almost every corner in the US, and you'll never see a McDonald's go out of business.

McDonald's is one of the most SUCCESSFUL businesses on earth.

Why do you think that is?

  • It's not because they use the highest quality, organic, sustainably sourced, grass-fed ingredients (it's practically Grade D dog food)
  • It's not because they've got world class famous chefs of the culinary arts working in the kitchen (it's uneducated, stoned teenagers with weird piercings)
  • It's not because they have individuals with Yale marketing degrees working the counter

Then WHY is McDonald's SO successful?

It's because they implement a REPEATABLE SYSTEM that is PROVEN TO WORK.

It's a well-oiled machine. As long as there are people in the system, the machine runs. McDonald's doesn't rely on hiring "the right" people, because they know that they can hire almost ANYONE, give them the "recipe for success," and all that person has to do is follow the system and the McDonald's will run and succeed. And if that person leaves, no problem! They're replaceable with the repeatable, proven system.

Your roofing company can be the same.

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The first step to SCALING your roofing business is to implement PROVEN, REPEATABLE systems for everything from hiring and training to systems and processes.


Without FORMAL, effective sales training, your salesmen only get bits and pieces of the “recipe” and have to fill in all the rest of the gaps on their own, meaning nobody is doing or saying the same things at the door, during their sales presentation, or on adjuster meetings. They can't connect the dots, and 95% of them quit within the first couple weeks, leaving you with a revolving door and no solid sales team at your company. Without a “franchisable” system in place, most salesmen just give up, or end up killing themselves just to get average results.

A repeatable system means you can grow and scale your business. When you have the proven and effective “recipe” to train your new hires, that means no matter who they are, where you are, or who is training them, the model will work. How much better will your retention be when your salesmen have all the tools and strategies they need to do well from the start?  Their experience will be better, their frustration and turnover will be lower, and they’ll make more money faster and easier, and when your reps have a good experience and are making money, they’re happy. And when they’re happy, they stick around. When they stick around, you’ve got a solid sales team that’s efficient, happy, and most importantly are producing consistently to provide you a sustainable business model with the potential to grow as big as you want it to.

Bottom line: as a business owner, it is absolutely crucial to your company’s longevity and success to have a proven, effective, standardized training system in place that works. Without it, you’ll constantly be forced to work IN your business instead of ON your business. With it, you’ve got a powerhouse of killer salespeople who are fully capable, confident closers that will produce for you year in and year out, so you can build your empire and make it last.

Let me hand you the box of cake mix.

I've already done ALL the heavy lifting for you. Since 2014, The New Hires Training System has been proven to SCALE roofing company recruiting and expansion by eliminating time-wasiting and ineffective ridealong training, streamlining the training process, increase salesperson retention, and dramatically improve salesmen's results.

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The 3 main components to The New Hires Training System:

  • Training SCRIPT & Outline

    “It’s so easy a monkey could do it.” The curriculum is all there, word for word in the training script. Just deliver it right from the outline like a college professor teaching a lecture. The structure and order, what to say, scripts, the sales psychology that grooms your new salesmen to have the proper mindset, the time frame so you’re efficient and stay on schedule – everything you (and they) need to have a successful launch is laid out in black and white.

  • Training Manual

    This is each trainee’s 88 page “storm restoration sales training bible.” This complete manual, provided to each salesman during training, is filled with word for word door pitch and closing scripts, do’s and don’ts on adjuster meetings, how to read insurance paperwork terms & definitions, checklists, diagrams, and more. They will study, practice, memorize, and role play the scripts to prepare for the real deal.

  • Trainer's Guide

    DOING sales and TEACHING sales are two VERY different things, so included in this system is the trainer’s guide, ensuring that you deliver the most effective training seminar possible, the way it was meant to be taught and delivered to ensure maximum results and prevent common mistakes sales trainers make with newbies (such as putting the cart before the horse, teaching 3 pointer shots before trainees can do a lay-up, etc).

It's. So. Easy.

No bulky binders, DVDs, or boxes being physically mailed to you. Everything is hosted ONLINE for you to access, download, and use.

All the materials including downloadable files for the training manuals, trainer's guide, and training scripts themselves will be available with your login online on the website after purchase.

Simply access the files, watch the "how to" videos, get your trainee manuals printed, and you're ready to run training!

With the training scripts Day 1, 2, & 3, Follow-Up Training 1 & 2, and The Trainer's Guide, you have everything you need, word for word, in the right order and with FULL, detailed explanations of how it works and WHY it works, this training program is fool proof.

ANYONE can succeed by simply following it. (Yes, even you.)

Make training a piece of cake.


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  • Start Them Strong

    Finally, a TURNKEY standardized PROVEN formal training system for your totally green new hires to ensure they start strong and get results immediately. No more inefficient, ineffective, “ride-a-long” training that kills retention and eats up your time.

  • Increase Retention

    Dramatically increase retention and slow the revolving door with your sales team. This training will prepare your new recruits to be able to sign deals right away, grow their confidence, get them paid quickly, and reaffirm how simple and lucrative this industry can be so they stick around!

  • Time Efficiency

    This program is designed to have new hires fully competent, confident, prepared, and in the field signing deals in about 5 days. No more “ridealong” training or scattered “information dump” training over many weeks or months of trial and error, allowing you to spend your time working ON your business.

"You could literally train a monkey with this program. It is designed to take even the most inexperienced person and get them going right away. You guys basically built exactly what I was looking for and gave it to me with a bow on it."
- Phil Gonzales (business owner / beta program)

  • Focus your time and energy where it is best spent.

    As a business owner, you want to provide your sales team with everything they need to be successful in this business, because their success is your success. Unfortunately, as a business owner you’re constantly spinning a lot of plates. What is your time best spent doing? Running your business! Without a structured training system to efficiently and effectively develop your salesmen to not only get results but to represent your company well, you’re constantly in a never-ending tail-chase of putting out fires, stopping what you’re doing to answer a million questions, and subsequently, recruiting and hiring due to low retention (which is a direct result of new hires not having the resources to have success from the start).

    What would your business look like if you finally had a standardized, time efficient, effective and repeatable training system in place to streamline productivity with your new hires? What if you could give them everything they need to do well off the bat in 3-5 days instead of spreading the dispersement of knowledge over the course of several months? Your retention would sky-rocket, your sales volume would increase, your customers would be happier, your schedule would be less hectic, and it would allow you to focus on what you need to be doing, which is running your business well and continuing to provide an amazing opportunity for your team.

    That training program exists. We have built it to deliver results right away. It works, it’s systematic, it’s repeatable, and it’s complete with everything you need to know how to put it to use, and everything your new hires need to start signing deals and capturing leads right away. Say goodbye to the days of ridealongs and information dumps, and say hello to efficiency with our New Hires Training Program.