Roof Sales Mastery Program FAQs

You've got questions. I understand. Here's everything you need to know about my programs and how they work:

How does the program work?

There are currently six different training programs, and all of my systems and courses are hosted online. You will have a user login to my membership website that grants access to whatever program(s) you have enrolled in.

What format is the training in?

The material is in mixed media, including video and PDF text format as well as downloadable tools and trackers. In other words, you will be watching and reading. (This is not live webinars or in person training, nor do I send you physical items like DVDs or books in the mail like it’s 1995.)

What kind of selling style do you teach? I don’t want to sound like a greasy used car salesman.

  • Let’s start with what my selling style ISN’T: pushy, aggressive, robotic, douche-y.
  • What it is: laid back, conversational, low pressure, no-brainer, easy to understand and use, and actually works.

Are personal consulting calls included in the program?

While I do have limited openings for personal 1-on-1 coaching calls, these are not included in the program purchase. You can always choose to invest in a personal 1-on-1 with me when available. Inquire directly via email.

What kind of access do we have to talk to you after enrollment, Becca?

After enrollment, you will be included in my private, members-only support and Q&A Facebook forum where you can post questions, participate in discussions, access bonus file uploads, and get feedback and answers on everything from specific supplement issues and appraisal guidance to hiring and compensation suggestions. There, you will benefit from discussions with myself and all the other program members nationwide. Remember, I am one human being! There are over 1,000 of you beautiful humans in my program, so while you cannot call or text me individually, you WILL get to chat with me and ask me questions after enrollment in the forum. Just tag me if you don’t see my specific feedback on a question.

Will this program work for ME?

With well over 1,500 contractors (and counting) implementing my systems in 46 states, 3 different countries, and nothing but raving 5-star reviews since 2014, I can answer this question with a resounding YES. My sales, supplementing, and recruiting strategies WILL work for you. The results speak for themselves. Click here to see what hundreds of contractors have had to say about their results, ROI, and revenue implementing my systems.

Do you offer a trial or guarantee?

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on ALL courses. This means if you invest in my program, and then log in, look through it, and think a drunk toddler put it together, I will happily give you your money back. (By the way, this literally NEVER happens. I stand by my programs and their results. You’re going to love it!)

Who is this 15 year old girl and why should I listen to her?

Hi. I’m Becca Switzer. Sole proprietor of Roof Sales Mastery. Humble brag: I have been a top performer in the direct sales game since 2008 in a couple of different industries. I was the first 10-day $12,000 “Fast Starter” in my region’s Cutco office in Omaha, NE, going on to sell six figures of Cutco kitchen knives exclusively through cold-calling for Vector Marketing two years in a row, including two 10-day push contests of over $20,000 in sales and 1 over $25,000. I earned the prestigious national Sir Lancelot Award in 2009, which is awarded to only one individual in the entire company out of around 30,000 individuals each year. I was then recruited into the storm restoration industry in 2010 by the vice president of the 2nd largest national storm chasing company in the country (at the time), averaging $156,250 per month in roof sales, putting up $650,000 in 4 months during year 1, $1.25M in 8 months during year 2, revolutionizing the supplementing process through my unique approach, and more. I launched my Roof Sales Mastery courses and programs in 2014 and have sold seven-figures in storm restoration sales training annually since. I know my stuff, and I know how to teach others to duplicate it, which has been reflected in the hundreds of positive reviews and real results of my courses from contractors nationwide.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer 3-6 month payment plans on most programs and bundles. You can choose a plan that works for you on the order form when you enroll.

How soon will I be able to access the courses?

As soon as you complete your enrollment form and the transaction goes through, you will receive your login credentials via email and will be able to log in immediately (even if you use a payment plan)! Instant gratification; it’s the American way.

How long does it take to get through the material?

The programs are made up of a combination of video and readable text, and I have been adding, updating, and expanding fresh content consistently over the years, so it is difficult to say “it’s X amount of hours.” The Recruiting Machine & New Hires Programs are more executable systems as opposed to studying, so within a few days you’ll be ready to roll those out. The XM8 Mastery Program is roughly 25 hours of video tutorials. The Advanced Sales & Supplement Program is a massive library treasure chest of sales and supplement gold. You can begin implementing door pitches, the close, and supplementing techniques within a couple days, but you’ll have a ton of amazing content to dig through and enjoy for a long time to come, as I have unloaded all of my best sales and supplement genius there, and continue to do so as time goes on. To summarize a general answer, you can begin using material within the first few days, but you will have weeks and months of fun going through EVERY little detail.

Does it matter where I am located geographically? Does your program only work in certain states?

Not at all! I have members in every state except Alaska, Oregon, and Nevada (no hail there, consequently). I even have members in Hawaii! My supplement, recruiting, and sales techniques work industry-wide. You may run into small discrepancies when it comes to code (for example, in Minnesota, you can get ice and water shield, but in Florida, you cannot), but those are insignificant. I promise my system will work for you no matter where you are located.

Where can I find reviews and testimonials about your programs?

You can find hundreds of reviews online; most people leave them on my Facebook page. Click here to see reviews from 2014 to present.

Can I talk to some real contractors/salesmen who are using your program?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to if you have any hesitation at all about pulling the trigger. So many of my members have enthusiastically volunteered to be available to answer questions you may have about their experience and results implementing my program and would be more than happy to take your call. Email to request a reference list.

But Becca, I’m already spending money on so many things: advertising, SEO, Home Advisor leads, mailers, door hangers, radio commercials, billboards, fancy truck wraps, company vehicles and iPads ---

Business owners, too many of you are dumping your money into the WRONG things. Ads, SEO, tri-folds, truck wraps, etc. might make you “look” good, but the fact of the matter is, door hangers, truck wraps, and mailers don’t close deals. SALESPEOPLE DO. Invest in your CLOSERS first and foremost. They are the lifeblood of your company, and will produce the most significant ROI out of any other bells and whistles you invest money into.

What’s the $17/month?

This is your ongoing subscription to the course content. Following your initial up-front investment, the monthly subscription gives you ongoing, unlimited access to the materials including the frequent updates and additions I make to the courses, plus your support and Q&A in the private forum with me and the other members. I opted for this instead of charging $500 or $1,000 a month forever. If you change careers or are done with the content in the future, it is easy to cancel your access and subscription.

Help me justify the investment. What kind of ROI can I expect?

There are SO many ways to quantifiably justify the investment in my programs with real hard numbers, not just fluffy feel-good jargon. Here are the facts:

  • If you’re a salesperson, remember that EACH opportunity you miss right now (whether you get a “no” at the door or you have a no-sign/no-sale on a house that had damage), you are LOSING $1,000-1,500. You’re paying for the lessons either way. Wouldn’t you rather pay to GAIN than pay by LOSING? If you wanted to become a dentist, you wouldn’t bat an eye at investing 5 years of your life and going six-figures into debt to get the necessary education and degree. Your roof sales career will make you even more than a dentist’s salary, and cost you a tiny fraction of the education. Your first deal or two pays for your entire training.
  • If you’re a business owner, we can boil this down very easily by referencing supplements. If you’re a small company that does just 200 jobs per year, and you learn ONE TINY NEW THING to add to each of your claims that adds a MERE $250, that’s an additional $50,000 in PROFIT to your bottom line this year. That’s someone’s salary or a brand new Ford F-250, baby. The fact of the matter is, you can count on an average increase across the board of $2500-4500 per claim following my supplement system, so the real opportunity for ROI on just 200 jobs is literally $500,000-900,000. Don’t take my word for it. Check the reviews. These are real numbers. Depending on what package you get, your investment is guaranteed to be paid back within the FIRST 1-3 supplements. It’s a no brainer.
  • Need more perspective? How much is ONE decent salesperson to you? If you add ONE salesman to your team this year that sells just $400,000, you are profiting $60,000 from that person. Do the math. It’s a no brainer.

Are you a real person? How do I know I can trust you?

I sure am! Girl scout’s honor, I’m not an asshole. My stuff is the real deal. I will not lead you astray. I simply cannot trick this many people for this long, haha! The results don’t lie. Check the reviews. You can also find my legal business name as Nikita Acquisitions, LLC (DBA roofsalesmastery, LLC). Plus I’m Canadian. Nicest people in the world.

Do you still have a roofing company?

I now focus solely on Roof Sales Mastery! I have paid my dues climbing roofs and knocking doors, and now I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my knowledge and positively impacting thousands of contractors and salesmen through my sales training platform. I sincerely love what I do, and it tickles me pink to see your stellar results following my methods.

Any last words?

  • If I can leave you with anything, I’ll say this: you have stumbled across my content for a reason, and I personally guarantee you that purchasing my program(s) WILL be the best investment you have ever made in your business. I say this not only because I 150% believe in and stand by the methods I teach, but my systems have been proven over and over and over again since 2014 by contractors nationwide. It works!
  • There is always more to learn. Nobody knows everything there is to know, and our biggest handicap is that we don’t know what we don’t know! Think big picture: if we can increase your closing ratio by just 10%, increase your average job size by $2,500 (or even just $1,000!!!), add 2 new salespeople to your team this year, etc. – these numbers translate into a significant profit across the board at the end of the year. You’ve got nothing to lose and literally THOUSANDS to gain. Join me. The Kool-Aid is good.

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