Online Advanced Sales Training Course

My most EFFECTIVE storm restoration sales strategies to boost your closing ratio, become a savage at the door, maximize your referrals, and reduce your sweat equity by working smarter, not harder.

  • It's all online.

    Access to the online training 24/7 through your personal membership online. Jam-packed with videos, step-by-step tutorials, word for word scripts, and more.

  • Lead Generation

    Dozens of word-for-word, laid back, low-key door knocking pitches, exactly what to say to handle specific objections at the door so you can spend less time beating the streets to line up more appointments in less time, how to close referrals on the spot, & building relationships with insurance agents, real estate agents, landlords, property managers, hail dent repair men, and much more.

  • Closing

    Learn my BULLETPROOF word for word sales presentation script that handles virtually every possible objection before they ever come up to make signing with you a risk-free no brainer, close 75-90% on the spot, plus how to eliminate bid-collecting and deductible-eating requests.

  • The Blueprint to Selling 7 Figures & Earning 6

    Use the exact same step by step strategies I have personally used and taught to thousands of contractors and salesmen since 2014 to earn a quarter of a million dollars in 8 months selling storm restoration roofing.

  • Objection Handling

    How to handle, “I just want a bid/Will you eat my deductible/My brother is a roofer/I think I’ll just talk to my insurance agent/We don’t have any damage/I’m not interested/I’d like to talk to my husband/wife/pastor/tarot reader” and more to get to YES.

  • Brass Balls Guarantee

    I guarantee you will 2X the money you’ve invested with me or YOU DON’T PAY.

RSM Online Advanced Sales Training

My most comprehensive storm restoration SALES training is compiled into a gold mine of video and PDF content in an online membership site where you can go at your own pace to study and learn new, creative, effective sales strategies for closing, lead generation, referrals, objection-handling, networking, time management, avoiding burnout, and more.

I share my most EFFECTIVE, proven door knocking pitches including:


  • Dozens of word-for-word door knocking approaches that are guaranteed to increase your success at the door in saturated markets, marginally damaged markets, highly competitive neighborhoods, late season/old storm situations, and more so you can knock LESS
  • Exactly what to say to handle the most common objections such as, "I already have a roofer / my husband already looked at it / can you just leave me a bid/business card/ we don't have any damage / I'd like to talk to my agent first / Will you waive my deductible" and more.
  • You'll also love my strategies for getting explosive referral business using 4 of my favorite word-for-word approaches to leave with qualified names and numbers in hand and not pay hundreds of dollars for them.
  • I give you my BULLETPROOF word-for-word sales presentation script that makes signing with you an absolute risk-free no braimer (the average closing ratio using this script is 70 to 90%!)
  • How to close "bid collectors," and
  • A blueprint to personally selling 7 figures and earning 6 in restoration sales each year

Packed with rich, USABLE content, my comprehensive online program gives you the “gold nuggets” of information and step-by-step how-to’s to take your sales game and profits to the next level by working SMARTER, not harder, so you can earn a high level of income and enjoy the type of lifestyle you desire.

Shorten the learning curve, put yourself ahead of your competition, and don’t let another deal slip through the cracks due to blind spots in your sales game or waste another day through unguided trial-and-error by enrolling in the Roof Sales Mastery Advanced Sales Training Program right now.

It pays for itself with just ONE deal.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: with over 1,000 members nationwide utilizing my systems and strategies every single day, my programs have proven themselves to be absolutely phenomenal and effective time and time again.

The feedback from my past and current clients speaks for itself:

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Don't take our word for it. Here's what members are saying:

  • What's possible:

    Storm restoration is a 7 figure business, meaning even the tiniest weaknesses in your sales game causes you to leave thousands of dollars in sales and income behind every year and work a lot harder then you really need to to make good money in this industry. Likewise, the smallest adjustments and improvements in a key area can ADD thousands! Consider this: let’s say you’re a salesman turning in 50 deals with a $10k average job size / about $500,000 a year, earning roughly $62,500 with a $1250 average commission size per deal. You’ve got a 50% “kitchen table” closing ratio (meaning for every 10 people you pitch, you’re walking away with 5 deals), and you’re knocking about 10 doors to line up 1 inspection.

    That means to get those 50 deals each year, you’re sitting in front of and presenting to 100 homeowners. To get appointments with those 100 homeowners, you’re knocking about 1,000 doors over the course of the year.

    What if you learned a just 1 or 2 SIMPLE tweaks to make to your door pitch or close that increased your results in those areas by just 5-10%?

    Let’s say you improve your door knocking approach and increase your success at the door by just TEN PERCENT by learning some proven word-for-word pitches that actually work and don’t sound like every other yahoo knocking the same doors as you, so now you’re only knocking 9 doors to line up 1 appointment instead of 10. Now you’re lining up 110 inspections for the year (without knocking any additional doors than usual).

    Now let’s say you learn my tried and true, proven word-for-word sales presentation script and increase your closing percentage by 10% (so for every 10 sales pitches, you’re signing 6 instead of 5 on average). Now you’re closing 66 deals, selling $660,000 (+ $160K!), and earning $82,500 (an extra $20K)!

    …..WITHOUT working any harder than you already are.

    Let’s pour gravy all over this and say that in addition to those 2 VERY simple, extremely realistic improvements in your canvassing and closing, you also learn some new supplement tricks following my Master List of Supplemental Items and add, say,  just $500 extra to your average claim size across the board. Now you’re putting down $693,000 for the year, and earning $86,625.

    Again….WITHOUT working ANY harder than you already are.

    “Work smarter, not harder.”

    That’s exactly what I do: teach you my absolute best, most effective strategies and sales techniques so you can get more results for the energy you’re putting in to earn a high level of income and enjoy the type of freedom and lifestyle you want. The truth is, you don’t have to kill yourself to make stupid good money at this job, and you can be earning a LOT more and working a LOT less following my roof sales recipe. Don’t spin your wheels. Let me show you how.

I want to learn more.
  • Nothing but the goods.

    The limited options for programs and seminars that are available out there now talk about the general philosophies and theoretical concepts of storm restoration success, but they do not give you the exact, actionable how-to’s or proven “take home” systems to follow. They don’t arm you with tactical instructions or the step-by-step systems or scripts so you can start using them right away to improve your results. You leave feeling motivated for a day or two, but ultimately empty-handed with no new skills or “take homes” to speak of. That’s where my training differs. My programs are jam-packed with nothing but step-by-step, immediately USABLE content and word-for-word scripts to show you exactly what to do and say every step of the way. I’m delivering the “golden nuggets” that you really want; the gritty, content-rich material you can actually USE. I lift up my skirt and show you exactly what I’m doing and how I’m doing it so you can “ethically steal” my systems and use them to get great results. My attitude: There are plenty of roofs out there for everyone. I’m providing the tools to give the typical hardworking, hustling storm restoration contractor proven systems to produce a 7-figure sales figure, double their annual sales, and consistently earn a fat six-figure income by working smarter, not harder, through maximizing your claim sizes, increasing your closing success, and boosting your lead generation with simple, proven strategies.

My "Brass Balls" Guarantee

Here’s what I can absolutely guarantee you about the methods and systems in this program: they work. They yield consistent results. I use them myself, and thousands of other real humans cross the country use them, and that’s how I know they will work for you. Here’s what I cannot guarantee: I cannot guarantee that you will go out and USE them. Just like, hiring a personal trainer to improve your fitness is a great investment, but he can’t lift the weights for you! If you don’t put in the work and implement, you won’t get the results. Just follow the system and it WILL work for you!

I am so confident that you’ll get massive value out of the material in the Advanced Sales & Supplement Program that in the highly unlikely event you honestly apply the strategies I share in the program and don’t make your investment back in 30 days, I stand behind our brass balls guarantee.

  • Start today!

    Let’s stop the costly trial and error, fix your blind spots, and let me hand you the roadmap to roof sales success to create your most successful year ever. Gain access to my best lead generation, closing, and supplementing strategies with this program and transform your current results starting TODAY. Don’t wait – you’ve got nothing to lose, thousands to gain, and your timing couldn’t be better. Let’s kill it this year, together.

  • Are you a business owner with multiple salesmen?

    We have volume pricing available for business owners looking to enroll multiple salesmen into the course.

"But --- I have objections!"

As a salesperson myself, I'm used to that. Remember, I work in the same industry as you do. What's your main concern?