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  • Feel Like You're Searching for a Needle in a Haystack?

Perhaps one of the (seemingly) hardest parts of this business is “finding good salesmen,” or “finding people who are willing to do a job like this.” You might get lucky and every now and again come across someone who is already comfortable with commission-only pay structure and has been in sales their whole life, but if you’re advertising directly to find that person, you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. They are few and far between. If you’re trying to build a team (and build it quickly), that method will never work. It’s too slow of a painstaking process.

Sales positions can be tricky to hire for, because the way people are brought up in our society is to follow the beaten path: go to high school, get your diploma, immediately dive into 4 years of college and accumulate six figures in debt they’ll be paying off for the rest of your life, get a job you hate that has nothing to do with your degree, work there ‘til you’re 65 and then retire with no money.

When you say it like that, you and I know it would be CRAZY for someone not to take a position selling storm restoration, because the opportunity is incredible! Create your own flexible schedule, work maybe 6-9 months a year depending on what you want to do, bring home six figures, enjoy both financial and time freedom – it sounds too good to be true.

…and therein lies the problem. It sounds too good to be true.

That’s why storm restoration companies have such a hard time recruiting candidates for the position. You feel like you’re going crazy when people turn down a job opportunity that would allow them to make more money faster and easier than they ever have in their entire lives, unable to understand why anyone would be “stupid enough” to turn it down to work a miserable 9-5 somewhere.

Instead of fighting the average person's mindset, work with it!

Instead of trying to find those diamonds in the rough which takes considerable time and even more luck, we are focusing on targeting brand new, green people who have never had any experience in the industry (or even sales!) and positioning the job in a way that makes them excited, not intimidated. Effective recruiting and marketing to new prospective salespeople has everything to do with how the job is positioned. Business owners position the job as a salesperson as an incredible “opportunity,” and unfortunately, the majority of your applicants hear “risk and lack of security.” Most people don’t want an opportunity; they want a job. Crazy, I know. But that’s the truth. So if a “regular job” is what they want, that’s what we’ll give them!

The key here is that we are effectively offering the exact same sales position, but we are packaging it differently. There was a gas station once that was offering a cookie for $1.50 that came with 2 free doughnuts – what a steal, right? – but no one was buying them. They couldn’t understand. Who wouldn’t want to spend just $1.50 on a cookie and get TWO FREE doughnuts!? Then they repositioned the offer as 2 doughnuts for $1.50 and get a cookie free, and they flew off the shelves. Do you see where we’re going with this? It was the exact same offer, but they packaged it differently and it made all the difference. That’s what we’re doing with this entire recruiting, advertising, and hiring process, every step of the way.

You’ll notice in our interview script how we talk about where leads come from, we very rarely use the term “sell” or “sales,” the pay is structured in a way that provides the “security” of a regular job but eliminates you ever dishing out weekly pay in exchange for nothing but the hope that they eventually work out and sell enough to be worth your investment), we discuss the position as very matter-of-fact instead of “this is the sickest opportunity you’ll ever come across, you’ll be rich quick and you’ve got to be clinically insane not to do this job” so we organically create enthusiasm and excitement about the position instead of trying to GET them to be excited about it. We say everything that needs to be said and nothing extra. That’s why the Roof Sales Mastery Recruiting System works so well, and the word-for-word recruiting ad our clients are using is averaging anywhere from 50-100 applicants in the first WEEK.

Everything we have put in these processes down to the words we use and when we say them is crucial: how everything is worded, what order the information is delivered in, how pay is structured, what we call things and don’t call things, what questions are asked – all of these tiny details throughout the recruiting process are what turn your “risky but highly rewarding opportunity” into a “highly desirable job with unusual perks and benefits,” and that’s how you turn your sad and sketchy Craigslist ad covered in cobwebs and dust into a recruiting machine that loads your inbox with quality applications and builds a badass sales force.

Sound too good to be true? Our clients are getting massive results. Check out their results in just the first WEEK:

Are your new hires THIS fired up to start their new job after leaving your interview, or are they wondering what the hell they've gotten themselves into? Stop wasting time and money on Monster, stop meeting sketchy dudes with rat tails off Craiglist, stop settling for 1 or 2 measly wild card applicants per month, and stop believing the lie that this position is "hard to hire for" or that "good salespeople are hard to find." Stop spinning your wheels and start using a proven system that works. We've built it. It's time for you to use it and see the results for yourself. Start today.

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