Live Xactimate Level Certification Training vs. Online Xactimate Mastery Course

Which training is most effective for storm restoration roofing contractors?

Storm restoration roofing contractors understand that knowledge is power, and the more skilled they are at the necessary strategies for maximizing their insurance claim deals using Xactimate, the higher their job profits will be and their homeowners can receive better quality work for being indemnified properly for their property loss claims.

Until recently, the only real options that existed for storm restoration roofing contractors to learn Xactimate software was to either attend a live Xactimate training put on by Xactware somewhere else in the country such as Dallas, Texas or Salt Lake, Utah, OR pursue their Level 1, 2, & 3 Xactimate Certifications.

Unfortunately, these 2 options presented 2 fundamental problems:

  • Live Xactimate training BY Xactware is made for INSURANCE ADJUSTERS, not roofers
  • Live trainings mean poor retention of information based on chicken scratch notes & memory only

The ironic thing that should be obvious to roofing contractors who do insurance claims is that they want to learn Xactimate estimates because they don't like the way that adjusters write their Xactimate estimates.

Contractors want to learn Xactimate so they can SUPPLEMENT their insurance claims. Adjusters don't want to supplement their claims.

So why on earth would we attend a class that teaches ADJUSTERS how to write Xactimate estimates?

It doesn't make sense, and most roofing contractors leave those classes feeling like the majority of the class was a waste of time, taught them things they didn't need to know (because they're roofers, not insurance adjusters).

The second issue is that attending a live training where information is dumped on you at a rapid pace JAM packed into just 2 days means you're inundated with information, you fall behind the second you miss something or go to the restroom, and you have to rely on your memory and chicken scratch notes to retain it all when the show's over and you go back to the office.

It has been proven that humans generally retain LESS THAN 30% of what they learn in a live setting after just 1 day, and they forget 75% of what they learned after 6 days.

This doesn't bode well for the cause.

On top of that, you now have to rely on the attendee of the live training being the container and the delivery method to train the REST of the team when he or she returns to the office.

Add this lack of functionality on top of having to take multiple days away from the business to travel elsewhere to take the training AND tack on hotel and travel expenses – It just doesn't add up.

This is why we created XM8 Mastery Online.

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XM8 Mastery is the FIRST and ONLY online Xactimate training program made specifically for storm restoration roofing contractors who sell insurance claims and supplement.

  • Contractor SPECIFIC Xactimate training

    The only one of its kind, XM8 Mastery is made FOR storm restoration contractors BY storm restoration contractors, understanding that you will be supplementing your insurance claims using Xactimate

  • Learn at your own pace

    Go at your own speed through the video tutorials so you can ensure comprehension and understanding. Pause if you need extra time.

  • Content you can go back to repeatedly

    Any time you need a refresher, the videos and lessons are always available at your fingertips to watch again as many times as you need.

  • Anyone at the office can learn

    Instead of relying on one person to go to a live training and then ATTEMPT to bring back what they learned and TRY to teach everyone else, the online training is available 24/7 for others at your company to review.

  • Support Q&A Forum with a Real Human Being

    The private XM8 Mastery membership forum on Facebook gives you direct access to Alena Wilson, 1 of only 19 certified Xactimate trainers in the US, whenever you have questions or need help using the software.

Made by contractors who supplement, FOR contractors who supplement.

Join the thousands of roofing contractors nationwide who have transitioned away from clumsily trying to piece together bits of partially retained, fragmented information during a live ADJUSTER training, and get your hands on the ONLY contractor-specific ONLINE Xactimate training for ROOFERS, available online 24/7 at your fingertips to digest and comprehend at your own pace from the comfort of your laptop.

Get started now. You've got nothing to lose and THOUSANDS to gain!

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