Supplement Outsourcing for Storm Restoration Roofing Contractors

Have you considered delegating an entire part of your business to the Lebron James of Supplementing?

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Are you a roofer who's tired of burning valuable time chasing supplements on your insurance claims?

What if you could delegate the ENTIRE supplementing department to a team of 25 highly trained supplementing experts who:

✅  Wrote the Xactimate estimate

✅  Dealt with every phone call, email, and follow up

✅  Handled all the objections, arguing, and back and forth negotiating

So you didn't have to

❌  Sit on hold with Liberty Mutual for 48 minutes 3 times per week on each claim

❌  Go through maddening automated systems with State Farm

❌  Waste HUNDREDS OF HOURS PER YEAR on the phone doing follow up/arguing

Most roofing contractors don't have the time, knowledge, staff, expertise, or patience to TRULY maximize every legitimate dollar on their insurance claims through supplementing.

You've got other fires to put out, staff to lead, people to train, and bills to manage.

You're busy trying to run, grow, and SCALE your business all while attempting to maintain some sort of a work/life balance.

This causes many contractors to settle for lower profits than they deserve on their claims, because they simply don't have the bandwidth or the knowledge to ensure their claims are being paid properly.

...but it's a HUGE kick to the gut when you realize how much legitimate money is being left behind on your claims (to the tune of thousands of dollars in profit).

Why supplementing properly is crucial to your profits:

Savvy contractors recognize that penny-pinching adds up.


In 1987, Robert Crandall, the head of American Airlines, calculated that if they removed just 1 olive from each passenger’s salad, it would save the airline $40,000 per year. This seemingly insignificant tweak resulted in enough money saved to pay someone’s salary -- and passengers would never notice they were being shorted.

In insurance restoration, your “olives” are overhead and profit, flashings, drip edge, ridge, starter, and dozens of other line items that have been shaved out of the insurance companies’ budgets, and homeowners are none the wiser.

An insurance carrier that pays out 100,000 hail claims “removes 1 olive” by shaving off a couple items here and there. That means if they can get away with not paying a measly $500 worth of ridge & starter per claim across the board, they save $50,000,000!

Those are significant numbers, and you bet your ass they’re fighting tooth and nail to do it. This is why supplementing is an absolutely critical part of the claims process for contractors and homeowners alike to ensure their homes are being properly indemnified and restored.

As a storm restoration contractor, you know that a crucial part of your bottom line is how well you supplement your claims. Insurance claims are severely underpaid as carriers nickel and dime their scopes, and it’s up to the contractor to be educated, knowledgeable, capable, and WILLING to go through the supplement negotiations process to add 25-50%  to the RCV through missing Xactimate line items, code requirements, and more, sometimes DOUBLING the previous RCV through these additional numbers.

Unfortunately, if you’re a contractor running your own business, you’re spinning a LOT of plates all at once.

Between managing crews, hiring and training salesmen, managing your staff, overseeing builds, paying bills, hunting down AR, staying on top of mortgage companies, and everything else you have to do, chasing supplements can seem like just another daunting challenge that leaves you banging your head against the wall, and worse, leaving literally thousands of dollars behind on each and every claim.

The two biggest factors keeping contractors from maximizing their bottom line through supplementing are TIME and KNOWLEDGE.

The problem is, most contractors either

  • Don’t HAVE the supplementing or Xactimate knowledge to effectively supplement every single one of their claims to their fullest potential
  • Don’t have the TIME to sit down and supplement every single one of their claims to their fullest potential
  • Don’t WANT to have to learn how to use Xactimate or supplement every single one of their claims to their fullest potential

This means the average contractor is either

1) not supplementing at all (yikes!),

2) banging their head against the wall for only the most basic items (ridge, starter, drip edge, O&P, flashing, etc.),

3) stuck spending HOURS and hours chained to their desk arguing with adjusters, or

4) missing out on a couple items here and there on every claim that they simply aren’t aware of, adding up to literally thousands of dollars left on the table due to ignorance

(even just $1,000 per claim on 100 claims is $100,000 left behind! That’s a new truck or someone’s salary).

What if you could completely eliminate the responsibility of supplementing from your company’s plate and delegate it to the Lebron James of supplementing?

No more tinkering with Xactimate, no more endlessly frustrating, blood-boiling back and forth pissing contests on the phone with State Farm, no more follow-up emails. These freed up hours then allow you to focus on the other parts of your business or go home earlier to be with your family, and let the supplement money roll in WHILE YOU SLEEP!

Last year alone, contractors handed us 8,500 claims and said,

 “Here, you deal with State Farm/Allstate/Farmers/Satan.”  

Like Midas with the golden touch, we took those claims and generated

a whopping $37,000,000 in supplements

while those contractors ran their business and spent time with their families.

That means if you’re a company that does even just 100 jobs per year, we’re confident we can generate an EXTRA $400,000-$500,000 in PROFIT to your bottom line this year, all while you sleep, eat Chinese takeout with your boo, or watch football.

This brings me to a very serious question. If I was holding $5,000 in cash right now and told you it was for sale for just $625, would you buy it?

Of course you would! That’s an 800% ROI!!!

You won’t find that at the Dow Jones. Most people don't even find that during a lucky night in Vegas!

That’s what we do for contractors every single day. We say,

“Give us the headache, the hassle, the soul-crushing phone calls with State Farm. Give us the ball. Focus on your business, your family, and your sanity, and let Lebron and Michael score the slam dunks for you while you do literally ANYTHING else."

And by the way, it is FREE MONEY. This is all revenue you would otherwise be leaving behind entirely OR trading your time, energy, and sanity for.

We win when YOU win. There is no flat charge per claim or retainer for our services. We simply collect a small percentage of the money GAINED in supplements, meaning you have nothing to lose and literally THOUSANDS of dollars and hours to gain by letting us take the burden of supplementing off your shoulders. Stop banging your head against the wall and free up countless precious hours every day and week by handing this part of your job off to us. It’s what we do, it’s ALL we do, and we’re f#%king good at it. 

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