Roof Sales Training
Program Enrollment Guide

The following options are most ideal for individual SALESMEN looking for self-study SALES TRAINING options. If you are a business owner looking for repeatable, standardized training systems, click here. If you are looking for supplement/Xactimate training specifically, click here.

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Sales Training Program Options:

Ready to enroll in sales training, but wondering which one is right for you? Everything you need to know can be found below. Then just click the link to enroll for instant access to your online course.

eBook, "Diamonds in the Sky"
  • Ideal for brand new salesmen, veteran salesmen, or individuals considering joining the industry
  • 65 easy to read pages of tips, scripts, and pitches you can begin using today
  • Instant download as a PDF
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Roof Sales 101 for n00bz
  • BASIC SALES TRAINING: Roof Sales 101 "Survival Kit"
  • Ideal for beginners or salesmen on a budget
  • Online, self-study course made up of 5+ hours of video and 20 readable lessons
  • Includes private members-only Q&A support forum on Facebook
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$99 x 6 months (then just $17/month after that)

OR $500 in full

Veteran Sales Training Program
  • Online, self study course. Huge library of videos & PDFs (10x more content than Accelerator)
  • Ideal for intermediate level salesmen with some previous experience. More "expert level" material than the Accelerator (10x more content)
  • Sales Training ONLY (no supplement or Xactimate training)
  • Includes private members-only Q&A support forum on Facebook
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$650 x 3 months (then just $17/month after that)

OR $1500 in full

  • What's In Each Program & How to Choose

    Below, you will find detailed comparisons of the content in each program, what experience level each one is best suited for, and everything you need to know to be able to choose and enroll in the training best for you today.