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The following options are most ideal for individual SALESMEN looking for self-study SALES TRAINING options. If you are a business owner looking for repeatable, standardized training systems, click here. If you are looking for supplement/Xactimate training specifically, click here.

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No More Trial & Error

Are you a roof sales rep that has had to fly by the seat of your pants and rely on trial and error for most of your experience?

If you’re anything like me, you got recruited by a very enthusiastic roofer in a jacked up Ford F-12,000 who showed you a few $25,000 commission checks and promised you it would be like “shooting fish in a barrel.”

Fast forward to your first few weeks on the job where you were told to ride shotgun with another dude and “be a sponge!”

Then, “Here’s a stack of contracts and business cards — just knock 100 doors a day, it’s a numbers game!”

I personally am not a fan of the shotgun approach. 

I want to know what the best, fastest, most effective door pitch, closing script, and sales process is so I can trade fewer hours to get the results I want.

I ended up earning $240,000 in 8 months back when the average job size was just $9K as a 21 year old college dropout, and I want to show you how to do WAY better than me now that I have 14+ years in the business.

Since 2010, I've been selling storm restoration roofing and teaching sales reps and business owners how to succeed using my DIALED, long-time PROVEN methods and scripts for canvassing, closing, referrals, and adjuster negotiations.

My courses will give you my exact recipe for personal and financial freedom through roof sale WITHOUT:

❌ Knocking 100 doors a day (how does 100 or LESS per week sound?)

❌ Eating deductibles

❌ Giving away every possible upgrade (aka eating up your commissions)

Instead, you’ll simply use my LONG time proven, word for word:

✔️ Door pitches that actually work 

✔️ Referral script that gets you names and numbers on the spot for $20 or less

✔️ My word for word BULLETPROOF contingency close that makes signing with you a risk free no brainer (close at 80%+)

✔️ Objection handling techniques to overcome the common customer rebuttals

✔️ Do’s and don’ts on adjuster meetings

Roof sales is like any other career. The best of the best and the highest income earners invest in their skillset and education.

Get your “roof sales” degree with my online training options and hit the ground running so you can enjoy personal and financial freedom THIS YEAR, rather than stumble around with costly and frustrating trial and error.

Sales Training Program Options:

Ready to enroll in sales training, but wondering which one is right for you? Everything you need to know can be found below. Then just click the link to enroll for instant access to your online course.

eBook, "Diamonds in the Sky"
  • Ideal for brand new salesmen, veteran salesmen, or individuals considering joining the industry
  • 65 easy to read pages of tips, scripts, and pitches you can begin using today
  • Instant download as a PDF
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Roof Sales 101 for n00bz
  • BASIC SALES TRAINING: Roof Sales 101 "Survival Kit"
  • Ideal for beginners or salesmen on a budget
  • Online, self-study course made up of 5+ hours of video and 20 readable lessons
  • Includes private members-only Q&A support forum on Facebook
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$99 x 6 months

OR $500 in full

Veteran Sales Training Program
  • Online, self study course. Huge library of videos & PDFs (10x more content than Accelerator)
  • Ideal for intermediate level salesmen with some previous experience. More "expert level" material than the Accelerator (10x more content)
  • Sales Training ONLY (no supplement or Xactimate training)
  • Includes private members-only Q&A support forum on Facebook
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$450 x 4 months

OR $1500 in full

  • What's In Each Program & How to Choose

    Below, you will find detailed comparisons of the content in each program, what experience level each one is best suited for, and everything you need to know to be able to choose and enroll in the training best for you today.

Real results from reps who put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you: