Sales Team Management Program for Sales Managers

The Most OVERLOOKED Role in Storm Restoration Roofing Companies

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Roof Sales Teams: It's NOT "Hire, Train, Let 'Em Loose!"

If you have a roofing company, you should know that your salesmen are the LIFEBLOOD of your company. Without a solid team of consistent, effective producers, all you have is an office space, trucks, and signs with your company name on them -- in other words, you've just got OVERHEAD!

Investing in your sales force should be your #1 priority, and that includes ensuring you have an effective recruiting and hiring strategy at play at all times, you're providing thorough, effective SALES training to fully prepare your team and develop assassins at closing, but most importantly, ensuring you are providing ongoing support, training, and motivation to your team AFTER training ends.

It's not hire, train, let them loose. It's hire, train, manage, train, inspire, train, motivate, train, hold accountable, train, correct, train, rally, train.... you get the idea.

Unfortunately, this is where most roofing contractors drop the ball. They hope if they just "hire the right people," the machine will run and eventually if they find enough of those "right people," they'll have a multimillion dollar company and they can retire to the beaches of Costa Rica.

That's a nice fantasy, but that's not how it works.

Compare your roofing organization to a sports team, and you're the coach. A coach doesn't have tryouts, select the team, and then say, "Cool! See you at the championship game in 8 months." What do they do DAILY? Practice, practice, practice. They drill, study, assess, and train over and over and over. It never ends. This keeps the team sharp, motivated, bought in to the team vision, and most importantly, ensures they are continually improving their skills and results. Without this constant focus on improvement, the team fails.

Think of your team as a new pet. You get this new pet, and you're super excited about it in the beginning. You buy it a new bed, feed it twice a day, make sure its water dish is always fresh, you walk it daily, play with it, teach it basic commands.....and then after the first 2 weeks, you stop doing all that. What would happen? It would die! Caring for the pet is an ONGOING responsibility.

This is the sales manager's job. Unfortunately, most business owner's simply slap a new title on one of their top salesmen and says, "You're the sales manager now! Teach everyone what you know," leaving them with ZERO legitimate or formal tools to do so.

Oddly, they usually choose the WRONG person to be the sales manager, and pairing that with absolutely no structure for how to perform that role results in someone with a new job description, a salary, but few results that come of it.

The weekly "sales meeting" is usually a 30 minute snooze fest (if there's a meeting AT ALL) with nothing more than production updates, housekeeping notes, and a short speech about "getting out there and knocking more doors!" in an ineffective attempt to motivate the team.

Salesmen wind up fizzling out, burning out, quitting, giving up, getting frustrated, or simply becoming stagnant, when they should be GROWING.

That's why I created the Sales Team Management Program.

This is an online toolkit made specifically for sales managers to have everything they need to drive sales, manage the sales team, run valuable sales meetings, provide ongoing sales training, and learn how to hold individuals accountable to their goals and commitments through goal setting, execution, and strategic methods of motivation.

In my online Sales Team Management Program, your sales manager will receive:

  • Blueprint to running weekly sales meetings that actually deliver VALUE
  • 17 pre-written sales meetings topics, ready to go
  • Sophisticated compensation structures for commissions
  • How to use contests & organized activities to drive consistent monthly and annual sales
  • How to have personal 1-on-1s with each salesperson to motivate, hold accountable, correct, or inspire
  • Breaking down each salesperson's personal income or sales goal down to the EXACT number of doors they need to knock weekly
  • Driving sales in old storms and winter months
  • Creating morale and positive team culture
  • Manage your sales team without feeling like a slave driver or a "buddy" they don't take seriously
  • Guide to providing ongoing sales training to improve their skills and avoid stagnancy
  • Tools & trackers for logging door knocking/inspection activity and results

Add this Toolkit for Sales Managers to Your Roofing Organization

And ensure that your ongoing sales team management is more than production updates and saying, "Knock more doors! Don't you want to make more money?" Keeping your team healthy, inspired, sharp, motivated, and hungry is the key to a thriving business. Don't let great individuals fizzle out due to lack of ongoing support and management. Use my system!

  • Legitimate Tools for the Sales Manager

    Consider this the sales manager’s tool kit for managing the team, driving sales, running valuable sales meetings, providing ongoing sales training, motivating and holding the team accountable to goals and activities, incentivizing activity and results, and more.

  • Drive Sales

    Effectively ignite a fire in your sales team to drive consistent sales and maintain revenue momentum through the slow AND fast seasons through formal team management strategies.

  • Formulas for Goal Setting & Execution

    Break down each individual salesperson’s SPECIFIC annual income or sales goal down to the EXACT number of doors they need to knock each week to hit that goal, based on their unique closing ratios and desired work schedule.

  • Accountability & Motivation

    Learn how to have word-for-word conversations and weekly 1-on-1s with each of your salesmen to hold them accountable to their commitments and goals, keep them inspired, prevent burnout, and maintain a high team morale and positive closing culture.

  • 17 Pre-Written Sales Meetings

    Use my blueprint to running VALUABLE weekly sales meetings where your team leaves the office as BETTER salesmen than when they came in. Turn your snooze fest into an opportunity to drive sales, inspire competition, positively recognize your top performers, and provide ONGOING sales training.

  • Contractor Specific Curriculum

    Learn everything you need to know and nothing you DON’T about using Xactimate specifically as a storm restoration contractor. Every ounce of material in Xactimate Mastery is written especially for use as a contractor doing insurance work so you’re not wasting any time on aspects of the software that don’t pertain to you.

  • Sophisticated Compensation Structures

    Use my commission models to incentivize your salesmen to continue creating CONSISTENT revenue month to month to avoid burnout or getting “fat and happy” with my unique bonus structures.

  • Contests & Organized Activities

    Implement my favorite systems and strategies for boosting sales throughout the year with cleverly timed and incentivized contests to drive activity during old storm situations, winter months, etc.

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