Are you a brand new roof salesman?

Feel like you've been tossed to the wolves?

Dear new roof salesman,


If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably someone who is either:

  • Curious about getting into roof sales, but you want to be more educated about how to do the job before accepting a position or quitting your "secure" yet dead-end "regular" 9-5 job
  • You recently started a roof sales job with a storm restoration roofing company, but they don’t provide real, comprehensive training, or
  • You’ve been stumbling around attempting to sell roofs for a few weeks or months now without getting the results you’re looking for and are desperate for some legitimate guidance and training so you can start making money.

I’m guessing right now you’ve either watched someone you know make a killing at roof sales or you have been/are currently being recruited by a contractor to come sell for his company, but you either have zero previous sales experience whatsoever, or maybe you have some sales experience but know nothing about insurance restoration, door to door sales, or roofs. Maybe you’re even considering quitting your “secure” but lower-paying job to chase the roof sales dream, but you want to feel certain you can do it before you take the leap. You’re excited by the prospect of making a six-figure income in less than 12 months, but due to lack of training provided by your company, I’m guessing you’re not exactly sure how you can make that happen. Whatever category you’re in, you have come to the right place, and I’m here to give you the guidance, advice, and recommendations on what training to start with on how to get started so you can quickly get results selling roofs.

If your experience is anything like mine was (or what literally 99% of new salesmen’s experience is like) when I entered the storm restoration sales industry as a complete n00b, you have received little to no training to speak of. You probably showed up at the office, spent an hour or two with your manager as they hurriedly showed you some insurance paperwork and showed you how to fill our a contract, drove around with and watched another salesman knock doors (probably incorrectly with a generic “one size fits all” door pitch that sucks) for a couple of days, and then was handed a stack of contracts and told to get out there and start knocking doors.

Prior to getting into roof sales, I had considerable previous sales experience in an unrelated industry (selling knives) where I did really well as the #1 salesperson in my office and region for the year, and even I was stumbling around like a chicken with its head cut off in the roof sales game. It was just different; a lot of the “generic” sales training did not seem to apply, and I lost a LOT of money through unnecessary trial and error to try to figure it out.

Sound relatable? At worst, you’re feeling ill prepared, nervous, intimidated, frustrated, or desperate for some guidance right now. At best, you’re excited, hopeful, or chomping at the bit to get started, confident that you can succeed at roof sales if only someone would hand you the step-by-step recipe for success – you just haven’t found it yet.

Here’s the good news: Storm restoration roofing sales can be an insanely lucrative career that can not only provide you a big income but also affords you the luxury of personal freedom as well (my first 4 months in roofing sales I ended up earning $105K and then took 5 months off to go snowboarding in Colorado, and the following year I worked 8 months and earned $240K!) The potential is there, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you won’t even get past the learning curve, let alone achieve your desired income.


(Facebook recently reminded me of when I finally figured out the "roof sales puzzle" and started rolling in the dough, as well as reminding me of how dismally limited other "real" jobs are, as demonstrated by a few of my peers):

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The problem is that MOST roofing companies do not provide legitimate training, either because a) they were never trained themselves, b) they simply don’t have the time or resources, or c) they figure they had to figure it out on their own, and so should you. That means that unfortunately for you newbies who come on board, you’re tossed into the deep end without floaties and it’s sink or swim (but mostly sink). You either figure it out or you don’t, and the only advice your manager can give you is, “Go knock more doors. It’s just a numbers game!”

This is why I receive emails like this from brand new, desperate salesmen EVERY single day:


The truth is, selling roofs is not hard. It’s hard work, yes – but the reality is that selling roofs is very, very SIMPLE….but it’s simple the same way that baking a cake is simple. It’s not hard to bake a cake, is it? Not at all! You don’t have to be any special type of person with any fancy degree or God-given talent to whip up a birthday cake. It’s SIMPLE to bake a cake. BUT, if you take the average person and put them on the spot in a kitchen and say,

“Here’s some oil, flour, eggs, cocoa and stuff. From scratch, off the top of your head, make me a cake,” almost every single person would fail.

And they would fail over and over and over again until they believed they weren’t the right person to make the cake, or that baking a cake was just “too hard.” But it’s not because they’re the “wrong type of person,” and it’s not because making a cake is difficult!

They simply needed the RECIPE.

You can literally take anybody who has a pulse and give them a simple recipe, or better yet,  hand them a box of cake mix and say,

“Look: Betty Crocker has figured it out. There are 4 directions on the back. Make me this cake,” and ANYBODY could make you that cake the first time, and keep doing it right over and over to get the desired results.

Roof sales can be the EXACT same way for YOU. When you really boil it down, successful sales in any industry simply comes down to knowing what to say when, and then repeating that over and over.

Let me give you the box of cake mix.

Unfortunately, most roofing company owners do not have the time nor the resources to put together an effective training system, so they do their best to do ridealong and shadow training, and then cross their fingers and hope the completely unprepared, scared shitless salesman (you) learns how to swim. Over 90% of brand new salesmen quit within the first few weeks, simply because they had insufficient training. It does NOT have to be that way for you if you choose to take matters into your own hands.

If you want to not just survive, but thrive as a brand new salesman and quickly tackle the learning curve, you must master the following 3 absolute BASIC survival skills:


  • Door Knocking

  • Closing

  • Handling Objections

If you can get a grip on those 3 most necessary and crucial areas with the right scripts and word-for-word pitches, you will be able to knock doors and get contracts signed quickly and efficiently, STARTING THIS WEEK in a matter of DAYS, even as a brand new person, meaning you don’t spend weeks or months driving around aimlessly burning gas and getting doors slammed in your face, ultimately having to quit and take a job at a restaurant somewhere because you have to pay your bills. You will quickly generate leads and deals, and each deal will pay you around $1,000-$1,500 or so in commissions.

This is EXACTLY what I have done for you with my online roof sales training programs. Don't waste another second, ounce of energy, or gallon of gas spinning your wheels using strategies that don't work and ultimately result in failure. I've made the recipe; all you have to do is follow it!

Don't become a statistic in the revolving door of hopeful yet fatally unprepared and untrained salesmen who miss out on a SIMPLE, highly lucrative opportunity in roof sales due to simply not knowing what to do and say to get results. Get out of the rat-race of the 9-5 dead end "regular" job and grab the unusual opportunity roof sales offers by jumping in FULLY prepared so you can create personal and financial freedom for you and your family.

Take initiative and invest in some legitimate sales training for yourself today, because the only risk you really have is NOT knowing how to do this job right from the start. The fact of the matter is that you can’t afford NOT to have proper sales training, because the reality is, every time you knock on a door or sit at the kitchen table with a homeowner right now, you are either earning or LOSING $1,000-1,500.

If you know what to say at the door, during the sales pitch, and how to handle objections going IN to this job, you can hit the ground running and avoid the costly, frustrating, and agonizing learning curve you will experience without it. I’ve got the recipe to teach you exactly what I did every step of the way to earn six figures in FAR less than six months. Let’s get cooking.

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Tired of crappy results? Use door pitches, a close, and objection-handling techniques that aren't dogsh*t. HERE! I made it for you.

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