How to Make Retail Roofing Repairs PROFITABLE

Ever turned up your nose at a roof repair request (or wished you had)?


If so, you're not alone.

If you're a roofing contractor who does retail and/or storm restoration, you're all too familiar with the bittersweet flavor of a retail repair request.

On one hand, you've got an opportunity to build a relationship and *hopefully* have a future re-roof, but the hope and promise of a $15,000 roof replacement 4-8+ years down the road often isn't enough to sweeten the deal of a low-to-no profit roof repair today.

Roof repairs are often barely worth the time and hassle and produce a very small profit if any at all, so many roofing contractors refuse to do repairs entirely or do them begrudgingly with the hope that that customer returns with a larger ticket years down the road.

The problem for most roofing contractors is that there are no real options between the $500 repair and the $15,000 re-roof, so if a customer

  1. Can't afford a total re-roof
  2. Got denied by their insurance company, or
  3. Has called for a barely-worth-your-time repair

it can turn into an "all or nothing" situation which is bad for business and also doesn't leave your customers with many options either.

....that is until a new product hit the market that has changed everything.

Introducing RoofMaxx:

A shingle rejuvenation product that adds 5 years of life to an existing roofing system and closes the gap between low-to-no profit repairs and total re-roofs or no sales.

What does RoofMaxx do for an asphalt shingle roof?

Imagine after baking in the hot sun, expanding and contracting with the heat, humidity, freezing and thawing, being subject to gusty winds, rain, snow, and sleet, that the shingles on the roof become like an old neglected leather baseball glove that’s been sitting near a window in the attic for 5, 10, or 15 years.

It’s crusty, thirsty, brittle, faded, and a shell of what it once was in its prime. It feels like if you tried to open it it might break in half. But if you took some time to lovingly massage life-giving oil into that catcher’s mitt, it would be revived, malleable, flexible, shiny, and brought back to life.

This is what RoofMaxx rejuvenation does to an asphalt roofing system.

It quite literally brings the shingles back to life, restoring their flexibility, pliability, vibrancy, color, and extends the life expectancy of the roof by ~5 years.

Imagine what this can do for you in your particular roofing market and region.

  • Do you work in an area where insurance carriers are tougher than most?
  • Maybe you get a lot of wind but not a ton of roof-totaling hail.
  • Maybe you’re in an area where certain carriers are notorious for paying to repair 63 individual shingles (*eye roll*).
  • Perhaps TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) limits your business from storm claims.
  • Maybe you’re in a region where you get a lot of denials, or many homeowners have ACV policies and even if they WANT a new roof, they aren’t able to fork out $15,000 on a new roofing system out of pocket.
  • Perhaps you just get a ton of calls for low-margin retail repairs, and while you hate to turn them down, they’re really not worth your time.

Now you’ve got an affordable option and SOLUTION to offer homeowners between a no sale and a total re-roof, and this maintenance product can be part of the long-game multi-sale process leading up to a total re-roof down the road.

Your “$0 today, fingers crossed for $15,000 in 5-10 years” customer can become a "$2500 today, $2500 in 5 years, and $15,000 in 10 years” customer.

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Let RoofMaxx Transform Your Retail Roofing Repair Profits

  • No skilled labor required

    Virtually anyone can apply RoofMaxx to a roofing system with no special skilled labor training, making it a simple product to add to your company’s lineup

  • Quick, painless application

    The average residential application takes just 90-120 minutes without all the headache of a re-roof demo

  • High profit margin

    The average profit margin to the roofing contractor is 60-70%

  • Affordable price point for your customers

    The average cost of a RoofMaxx application to a homeowner is around just $2500, making it an extremely affordable option without sacrificing good profit margins to the roofing contractor

Watch a FREE RoofMaxx Webinar Here

Let RoofMax do for shingles what Jesus did for Lazarus and bring your customers’ roofs back to life, and finally make retail roofing repairs PROFITABLE for your business.

Next time a homeowner calls with a $500 no-profit repair, an insurance-denied roof, or need for a new roof but not the budget for one, you've got something else to offer them besides "it's not worth my time" or a $15,000+ new roofing system.

This is huge! Talk about a maintenance program. If you performed a RoofMaxx application to your existing customers' roofing systems every 5 years until it was time for a new roof, do the math!

Click here and use promo code SWITZER to get a free 15 minute consultation with a RoofMaxx representative to discuss what becoming a RoofMaxx dealer would do for your bottom line as a roofing company. You won't regret it.