How to Train Roof Salesmen with a Standardized Roof Sales Training System

One of the biggest challenges storm restoration roofing contractors face is streamlining training for their roof salesmen. It is critical that new hires are trained quickly, effectively, and efficiently during the onboarding process to ensure not only their success but their retention!

The only way to scale your roofing company is to nail down a proven process that works and is repeatable, meaning the method by which you hire, recruit, and train must be duplicable. If it works in a streamlined way to launch and retain 5 roof salesmen, then it can be scaled to hire and retain 10, 20, 50, or 100!

The Roof Sales Mastery “New Hires Training System” is a turn-key, 5-day classroom style training system that has been proven to rapidly scale storm restoration roofing companies since 2014. It eliminates the time-consuming, inefficient ride-along “training” (if you can even call it training) that overwhelms new roof sales recruits and leaves them feeling ill-prepared, lacking confidence, and feeling like they can’t connect the dots and makes training a “rinse and repeat” process that’s truly scalable and actually works.

The training includes 3 main components, including:

  1. Word for word training scripts (Days 1-5)
  2. Trainer’s Guide (training the trainer)
  3. 88 page sales training manual (“storm restoration sales bible”)

This video provides a walkthrough of the system and how it works:

Click here to learn more about the New Hires Training Program and how it can work for your roofing company to achieve your recruiting and sales training targets.

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