Roof Sales: Sink or Swim

– See other people driving fancy trucks and making six figures selling hail damaged roofs.

– Get recruited by a roofer named “Rick” who promises you the sun, the moon, and the stars, and says it’s like “shooting fish in a barrel.”  Guarantees you will be successful and make buku bucks selling roofs.

– Take a huge leap of faith. Scare the shit out of your family. Tell them you’re going to become a millionaire selling roofs. Quit “secure” job.

– Show up bright eyed and bushy tailed at the roofing company. “Rick” who is running on fumes, Redbull, and cigarettes drives you around in his truck for a week or two and says, “Listen to what I do and then copy that.”

– Scramble to retain as much scattered, disorganized information as you can about his mediocre-at-best door pitch and sales close.

– Feel confused with bits and pieces of information. The pieces aren’t coming together.

– “Rick” is too busy to keep “training” you and tosses you to the wolves to sink or swim with a stack of contracts.

– Flop around like a fish out of water, completely unprepared, getting doors slammed in your face, burning through leads, and overall just not connecting the dots.

– Tell yourself you’re not going to give up.

– Check bank account. Funds are dwindling.

– Go to “Rick” for help. Rick says, “You’ll get it, it’s a numbers game. Just knock 100 doors a day.”

– Return to beating the streets, still no real results. Don’t know what to say, can’t seem to get people to say yes.

– Tell yourself you’re not a quitter.

– Check bank account again. Still haven’t made any money. Burning through savings.

– Contemplate getting a day job ‘cause this shit ain’t working.

– Toss and turn at night. Consider borrowing money from friends or family to cover your bills and gas money so you don’t have to quit and resort to an hourly job.

– Continue spinning your wheels. Still not figuring out the roof sales game. Still not making money. Feel frustrated because other people seem to be making great money doing it.

– Stay up late checking job postings for hourly jobs. Really don’t want to give up to return to a mind-numbing 9-5 but you’re getting desperate.

– Continue burning through gas, knocking hundreds of doors, asking for draws just to get by.

– Contemplate quitting again. This time for real though.

– Hang your head, tell your wife/girlfriend/family/parents your crazy roof sales pipe dream failed, and now you’re out of money and have to start all over with something else.


* Invest in the Roof Sales Mastery program.

* Realize the first job or two pays for it anyway.

* Get the exact blueprint to selling 7 figures per year and earning 6.

* Hit the streets knowing *exactly* what to say, word for word, at the door to line up inspections, for your sales presentation to get contracts signed, how to handle objections.

* Fill your pipeline THIS WEEK with leads and deals.

* Holy shit, this is working.

* Finally feel hope that you CAN make buku bucks selling roofs (because you are).

* Commissions start cashing. You make your first 4 or 5 figure check.

* Run home with flowers and a fancy bottle of wine to celebrate with your significant other who is so relieved you’re actually succeeding at this crazy roof sales thing.

* Barely sleep from excitement, can’t wait to have the lifestyle and freedom of your dreams

* Friends start asking how you’re making so much money. You tell them it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

* Work 9 or 10 months out of the year, make six figures, take a couple months off to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

* Finally have the personal and financial freedom you always dreamed of. Life is great and getting better.

* Rinse, repeat, or start your own company.

Don’t wait. Start with the guaranteed recipe for roof sales success to hit the ground running. Trial and error is simply too costly, risky, frustrating, and more importantly, UNNECESSARY. You’ve got nothing to lose and literally THOUSANDS to gain.

Join me. Click here.

– Becca

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