Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales

Diamonds in the Sky

This book is intended for individuals beginning their careers in insurance claim related roof sales, veterans in the industry looking to hone their skills, learn new techniques, and gain new perspective, and storm sales reps who have never received formal training. Learn how and why this insurance claims-focused industry can be so lucrative and profitable, and build a strong foundation on how to succeed and dominate in insurance restoration sales.

We cover how to read and understand insurance paperwork so you don’t leave money on the table, deliver effective door knocking approaches to get at least 1 appointment per 10 doors knocked, how to handle basic objections, tips for adjuster negotiations, simple ways to set yourself apart from your competition, and the sales presentation script we use that consistently results in our 95% or higher closing ratio.

In addition, we will cover the most common mistakes new roof sales reps make and how to avoid them. Start off on the right foot with a solid foundation of information in our Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales so you can shorten your learning curve, master the basics, and become a success in the industry to earn the level of income and personal freedom you desire.

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  • Mike Hagan

    Reply Reply May 1, 2014

    Please contact me. 252-758-8700

    • roofsalesmastery

      Reply Reply May 3, 2014

      Hi Mike, just sent you an email at the address you provided. Talk soon.

  • Ben

    Reply Reply August 24, 2016

    Great book. This is really going to help this newbie. I would humbly suggest considering doing an audio book version so that it can be listened to when driving to work and appointments!
    Thank you for putting this out!

  • Jake

    Reply Reply March 11, 2017

    Well good morning Becca!
    I was wondering if you had this book in a hard copy? I’m only 27 but I’m a bit old fashioned. I like being able to highlight, take notes and physically flip pages as I read. I guess it’s just a preference. Anyways, let me know. Talk to ya!

    Appreciate the time,
    Jake Albright

    • roofsalesmastery

      Reply Reply March 11, 2017

      Hey Jake! As of right now I only have it as the downloadable PDF, but you can certainly take it to an Office Max and have them print and spiral bound it for you in the meantime!

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