FREE Social Distancing Roof Sales Adaptation Guide:

As social distancing during the CoVID-19 outbreak becomes more necessary and even mandated across the country, it's anything but "business as usual" for storm restoration contractors. Businesses are impacted and left wondering how to operate in order to:

  • Adapt ways to continue generating leads and closing deals and building their pipelines

  • Be socially responsible & health compliant

  • Lead their teams during this uniquely challenging time
This FREE thoughtful guide will provide you tangible tools to adapt your roofing business to the increasingly restricted working environment with the following:
  • Real facts about the coronavirus outbreak that will help you separate fact from fiction and put things into perspective and make the best possible choices for yourself, your family, your community and customers, and your roofing business
  • To knock doors or not to knock doors? A calculated response
  • 13 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to prop yourself up for a strong comeback, continue generating leads, performing no-contact inspections, and maximizing claims you ALREADY HAVE in your pipeline, and more.
  • How to generate leads right now without knocking doors,
    + a word for word circumstance-specific referral script
  • How to ADAPT your regular sales process using the incredible technology that is available to us, including specific recommendations for what to use and how to do it
  • How to ADD VALUE to your existing customers right now
  • How to shift your mindset out of fear and lack and into a centered and powerful place of creative, flexible adaptability, and how to lead the members of your organization in the same way
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Hey guys, Becca Switzer here with Roof Sales Mastery, author of "Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales."

If you're familiar with my programs and are enrolled in my courses, this will be a great tool to help you adapt your existing processes to this unique operating environment we have found ourselves in. If you're not familiar with me, I've been leading thousands of storm restoration roofing contractors nationwide with my turnkey online recruiting, sales training, supplementing & Xactimate trainings since 2014, and have over 10K subscribers to my Roof Sales Mastery YouTube channel. I hope this guide helps, and feel free to reach out with questions regarding your business after you review the guide.